Saturday, 25 October 2014

KCW October 2014: Day 5 {Cowboy Pocket Tee)


Today I made a basic tee for Noah. I used the 4 seasons tank and tee pattern by Little Kiwis Closet. As you can see I made the T-shirt option with short sleeves. I made a size 5 for my smallish 5 year old who will be 6 in December (eeek!)

The awesome vintage cowboy knit was something I picked up from a fabric destash group I belong to on Facebook (a very dangerous group!) I really love the vintage cowboy theme and this tee reminds me of some bunting I made for Noah’s room when he was a wee babe (and it was one of the first things I sewed!) I have a bit more of this fabric which I hope to use for similar tees for a market I’m attending soon. The grey is some cheap jersey I picked up from Spotlight.

I realise that the last photo may seem rather boring to the untrained eye.. well it’s not – it’s rather exciting (to me). Why? I finally used my twin needle. I’ve had this needle for ages and just never used it. I guess I just found it hard to believe that the two threads wouldn’t get tangled… but today I decided today was the day and I pulled it out! Voila! I’m very happy with the result and think it will be my new favoured form of hemming knits. And yes, it may have been the highlight of my Saturday… apart from skyping family, of course. (It’s the little things right?)

You may well be wondering about the lack of modelled pics? My little ‘model’ was not overly co-operative today and burst into tears when I tried it on him. Rest assured, he likes the top – he’s just tired!


Yesterday, however was a completely different story… in fact he insisted I photograph him too, while I took these photos of Pipi. Check out his new glasses! Such a handsome man!


Whatcha sewing?

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Leonie said...

Haha we get our kicks however we can! Yay for you! Great looking tea and gorgeous boy :)