Monday, 20 October 2014

KCW October 2014: Day 1 {Simple Liberty Tunic}

The sudden realisation that Kid's Clothes Week started yesterday resulted in the making of this simple little peasant tunic/dress.

This little dress has been on my sewing ‘to do’ for a while. It was the reason I bought the beautiful Liberty of London fabric (inspired in part by the lovely yet simple floral tops and tunics that the gorgeous Poet often wears.)

I could have added pockets, cinched the waist or added other details; but I preferred to keep it simple and flowy – letting the beautiful fabric take centre stage and I only added the trim at the bottom to give it extra length, on the the hope that Isabelle can wear it in the Winter too, with tights and merino underneath.


I took the photos this morning and the overcast day we are experiencing just do not do the fabric justice, it is so much nicer in real life! But I guess you’ll have to take my word for it!

KCW Oct2014 day1(7)KCW Oct2014 day1(5)KCW Oct2014 day1(6)

The pattern I used was once again this free pattern and tutorial, and once again I made the 4/6 size, but I narrowed it slightly.

I can’t promise that I’ll make quite as much as I did last KCW, but I have got a couple of things planned, so we’ll see…

Are you joining in?

Jen x


Leanne M said...

I love this print, and I know I keep saying this, but your children are so cute. I've thought about taking part in KCW before, looks like fun - but I actually don't think I could find a spare hour to join in this time. Will be cheering you on this week instead.

CD said...

Cute dress! Love it. I think the link for the pattern might be broken though :(

Leonie said...

I've got some of that Liberty and yes it is gorgeous! and perfect for that pretty tunic and your blossom. :)

BigLittle said...

That fabric is swoon-worthy! It looks delicious with this simple style - I might have to convince myself to have a crack at making one too,The link doesn't seem to go anywhere though .. Xxx

Jenny Young said...

Thanks all - the link to the peasant dress tutorial should be fixed now! Jenny