Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A kiddie catch-up


The tagline of this blog currently reads: “Collector of Small Children & Fine Fabric”, but you would be forgiven in thinking it’s only the fabric I’m hoarding because the children haven’t featured on here that much recently. (And yes, I have well and truly fallen off the portrait project bandwagon. Ah well, I did a year and a half!)

Actually not much has featured on here recently – I haven’t blogged in almost month! *gasp*

Not to worry! I’m still collecting adorable small children and the hoarding of fabric hasn’t subsided! I’ve just been spending so much time with these small people that I haven’t had a chance to blog! (And I can assure that there are heaps of things getting sewn in the background that I haven’t had a chance to share here yet!)

I’m resolved to never be one of those Mums who hates the school holidays – and we’ve just emerged from 2 weeks of them and we had a blast! I’m also proud to say that apart from one rainy day where we watched a DVD I didn’t turn on cartoons for them once – we were just too busy! There was one day where which we spent playing board games, doing paper craft and baking that ended with Noah saying “this was my favourite day ever!” that just melted my heart! It was my attempt at free fun on a rainy day and he reminded me that time is more important than anything.

Speaking of the weather, I’m glad to report that we’re enjoying some lovely Spring days and I’m really enjoying getting outside a bit more and especially enjoying meals outdoors. Most of these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago (I haven’t been picking up my DSLR quite as much lately either); and we definitely don’t need the extra layers of clothing most days now.

Noah and Isabelle enjoyed a couple of days away from us last week, staying down with their grandparents in Otaki. We went to collect them at the end of last week, stayed a couple of nights ourselves and enjoyed a nice morning at the beach… I took a few photos on my phone – including Isabelle being buried alive and Noah doing sand angels.


So I hope for those of you getting Noah, Isy and Pipi withdrawls this post has helped with that somewhat?? (I’m looking at YOU- Holly, Mum, Dad and other out of town family members!)

Noah is still being thoughtful and sweet and still gets tired and hangry after a long day at school.

Isabelle’s still my little fire cracker – fiery and full of life and she fizzle out suddenly (and YES she did fall asleep in her doll’s cot in that top photo – I think I need an entire blog post dedicated to Isabelle’s funny sleeping positions/ habits!)

Pipi is growing in leaps and bounds and is shedding her baby-ness quickly. She daily has new words like ‘tank-too’ (thank you); a very whispered ‘hhhhot’ in exactly the same tone I use when pointing at the fire/ oven or other hot thing; she came out with ‘cu-cumber’ which shocked me the other day, and she started calling Nana’s cat ‘gentle’ because that’s what I said when she was patting it!

So that’s that really. I can’t wait to share some of the sewing stuff I’ve been doing to – but that will have to wait for another day!

Jen x

P.S. What funny/ cute things are your kids doing/saying at the mo? My kids crack me up pretty much on a daily basis!


Leonie said...

Awwww so sweet! Man they are gorgeous kids! And wahoo for enjoying the holidays! We love holidays around here and getting to hang and do stuff together :) Kids do say and do the funniest things dont they? My Heidi currently likes to pretend to read in foreign languages and makes up the sounds and words as she goes... hilarious to listen to!

BigLittle said...

So funny your girl can fall asleep in a dolls cot! Classic :) The latest saying from the three year old.... We are funny creatures aren't we mummy:). Too cute. Did I spy some yellow pixie shorts? Xxx