Saturday, 27 September 2014

{Operation Handmade Wardrobe} Tribal Leggings


It’s official! I have finally started dressing myself to match my children. Correction. I have finally started sewing myself clothes to match my children! That’s some next level Mum craziness, right there!

I awoke yesterday to discover that Isabelle had dressed herself in this ensemble, naturally I decided to match her and wore my Liberty Maritime Shorts and my chambray Wiksten tank

Obviously I didn’t think that was quite enough matchy-matchyness, so I decided to draft myself a pair of leggings and thus match Noah's harem pants. (Well my intention wasn’t really to match, I just thought the fabric would make cool leggings, but you know!)

The fabric is a nice and stretchy cotton-lycra knit with good 2 way stretch from Ixat. In my opinion, some lycra content is pretty useful in a pair of leggings … especially when you are inexperienced at pattern drafting and make them possibly a little on the smaller side! Streeeetch! They were a little lower on the waist than I’d hoped so I just added a generous waist band!

I was keen for a bit of quick instant gratification sewing and this is what I got – I think in the future I would take a bit more time drafting them – and possibly follow this tutorial; but all in all I’m pretty happy with the result. Thank goodness knit is very forgiving!

Joining in with Selfish Sewing Week (just!)

What are you sewing at the moment?

Jen x


BigLittle said...

Looking great! I'm stil getting my head around working with knits, I find them a little intimidating ... I'd love to I have a go at making leggings :)

nz green buttons said...

They look fab! It's just like all those 70's patterns - different versions of the design for the mum and daughter!

Leonie said...

They look fantastic! I am way too scared still of working with anything other than cotton... though i just had a stint with velvet and although nervy worked out and was great!

Lydia Persson said...

I've been unofficially joining in this week, but the pattern I'm sewing myself hasn't been released so I cant blog about it yet. Its a new pant pattern from greenstyle creations, and I love it so much I've made 1 long pair, 1 capri and 2 shorts.

Wendy said...

I was inspired by you and made a pair of Maritime Shorts for my SSW contribution - a wearable muslin with a pants pattern! - fist pump :-)