Friday, 1 August 2014

{Sewn} A Colette Moneta

In the aftermath of Kid’s Clothes Week I think I mentioned something along the lines of plans to destash, clean my sewing space and a spot of selfish sewing.

Well, my sewing space remains a bomb site,  but I’ve done a spot of destashing (only to then purchase more fabric) and last night/ today I embarked upon some sewing for me! As with recent sewing I’ve done for the kids, the sewing I’m doing for myself (with the exception of one project I have planned) is for Summer.

My dress

And does anything say Summer more than a simple tie dyed knit dress? I’ve had this project planned for a couple of months but when I started cutting out the pattern pieces last night I had second thoughts. In my opinion tie dyed fabric can look really chic and beachy or really really tacky! However as the dress came together I began to like it more and more!

The fabric I used is lovely tie dyed blue knit fabric from Girl Charlee, it is really soft and silly and makes this dress a dream to wear. The pattern is the 'Moneta' by Colette Patterns. I had intended to sew this back in June, I think when they were having the sew along. I did end up joining in with the sew along obviously, but referred to the sew along posts a lot when sewing – especially the post on shirring the waist with clear elastic which was something I hadn’t done before. I made version 1 without the collar in size small.

It was a relatively quick and easy sew, but that didn’t stop me making the silly mistake of accidentally sewing through two layers of the bodice at one point while attaching the bodice and skirt (on my overlocker nonetheless!) Not to matter, I just top-stitched around the bodice and turned it into a ‘design feature’ of sorts!

Moneta 2

Of course, my little photo- bombers had to make an appearance! Love those little critters!


I’m sure I’ll be back at some point to share the other things I hope to sew for me! (Possibly another one of these in budgie fabric? Hmmm… not sure I have quite enough left!)

Roll on Spring and Summer (it was a stunning sunny Winter’s day here today!)

What are your sewing plans?



Leonie said...

Gorgeous dress and great sandals ;). Yay for sewing for you and turning oopsies into design features x

Suz said...

This looks great and comfy too!