Saturday, 9 August 2014

4 weeks of portraits (29, 30, 31 & 32/52)

I am so  overdue posting my portrait project photos here – so late in fact that I have 4 weeks of photos to catch up. I still have been taking photos – I just got a bit distracted by sewing & KCW to post anything other than sewing blog posts!

Just in case you’re new here and haven’t heard of the portrait project – the aim of the game is to post a picture of each of your kids, each week for a year.



Noah & Isy: These two, they dress themelves! (Enough said!) Note how Noah has chosen to wear slippers when we were going out (and that they’re the same tone as his pants – co-ordinated!)

Pipi: ‘Helping’ me put her clothes away.



So inevitably there was going to be some photos that I’d already used for Kid’s Clothes Week (because that’s pretty much all the photos that I took that week.) I particularly love this pic of Isabelle and the photo of Pipi captures her perfectly. She spent most of that week pulling her hair tie out. (She’s since had a fringe trim!)



Noah: My little man lost his first baby tooth in the last couple of weeks and then lost a second one (I think he ate his second one with his afternoon tea!) He’s pretty proud of himself and thinks that now he has ‘adult’ teeth coming through, this means he is now pretty much an adult.

Isabelle: Photo bombing a self timer shot.

Pipi: She decided she needed to hop into her baby capsule.



Noah: Such a sweet big brother. What you can’t tell from this photo is that Noah had just come back from the A&E after an accident before school whereby he opened up a great big hole under this chin and need to have it stuck back together. He’s all good though.

Pipi: She’s loves her flowers

Isabelle: My happy, pretty girl.

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Leonie said...

Awesome pictures of delightful children! My kids dress themselves too - what's not to love about it :) xx