Thursday, 3 July 2014

{Sewn} Street Smart Sweatshirts

I’ve been doing quite a lot of sewing for my kids at the moment. Motivation for me often comes from  great patterns and  beautiful fabric (and my cute kids of course), and I seem to have both in abundance at the moment. (And the kids are still cute!)

The great patterns have come largely from Little Kiwi's Closet. I’ve been pattern testing one of Lydia’s new patterns and I’m also involved in the Scalloped Princess Dress Blog Tour (I’m scheduled to post on Sunday) – so really I have been doing a lot of sewing behind the scenes!

The pattern that I’ve been testing is the Street Smart Sweatshirt Collection and it’s been released today!

Like all of Lydia’s patterns it’s really versatile (hence the word “collection”) – The pattern goes from Newborn size through to 12 years and it can be a hoodie, sweatshirt (with or without kangaroo pocket), top with a high low hem and a dress!

… Or in my case even an “Owl!” (Isabelle’s request)

Technically I was only down for testing one size, a 12m plain hoodie for Pipi … but as you can see I got a little carried away and ended up making 2 other size 4 tops for Isabelle and 1 merino dress. I blame this on the pattern, it’s so quick and easy to sew.

DSC_0025-003Pipi Hoodie 2DSC_0011-003DSC_0015DSC_0006DSC_0019-001Pipi hoodie 4Pipi HoodieDSC_0019DSC_0014

While the owl and Pipi’s one are probably my favourites I do really like the simplicity of Isabelle’s grey and lace top all made from (ugly) adult clothes found at the op shop and inspired by this pin (for something I want to make for meeee!) Because it was an upcycle and I re-used existing cuffs etc it was a super fast sew (literally 30 mins)!

The stripey merino dress was a bit of an experiment as I improvised by adding a peter pan collar. I don’t think I quite got the proportions of the collar right, but I’m confident it will still look great (and be super snuggly) on Isabelle. After all, she make anything look good! I only just finished it late yesterday and haven’t had a chance to photograph her in it yet (I will have to when she gets back from Kindy.)

At the moment the this PDF pattern is on sale so go and get a copy yourself!

Thanks Lydia for letting me test this awesome pattern!

What are sewing at the moment?

Jen x

(Also belatedly joining in with Show and Tell.)


Roslyn said...

Oh wow Jen! I love every piece. You have such a talent for design and pairing fabrics. Issie is one lucky kiddo! xx

Lydia Persson said...

You are so welcome, and thank you for being such an awesome tester and friend. I cant wait to see pictures of the dress, looks so snuggly.

Miriam said...

Love your work Jen and you have some super cute models there too! x

Leonie said...

Gorgeous! and yay for being able to whip up custom requests! I love how beautifully finished your clothes always look - gorgeous! x

Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

Gorgeous! I'd love one with the lace for me!! :)

Sara said...

I really love the lace top! Feminine and comfy at the same time. Just what every busy little girl needs. Glad to find your blog! Love all of the upcycling ideas!