Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sewing Plans for my Kids

After laying down a bit of handmade gauntlet to myself the other day, I thought it would be best to jot down here some of my handmade plans and schemes. I write ideas down on notebooks and then lose them and would love to be able to sketch designs (but I really suck at drawing) and then I thought, ‘hey, I’ve got a blog – why not put down my plans here’ – That way you can hold me to them and tell me your sewing plans too  - we can encourage each other on our handmade journey!

Most of my plans are for things the kids can wear in Summer. Most of the designs I’ve been drawn to recently are pretty simple, with a lot of grey, chambray, a mix of modern and vintage, stripes and spots, some tribal print, quirky animal prints and Liberty of London anything for the girls.

Here’s what I’ve been pinning for inspiration … (See my boards 'little girl style' and 'Noah Style' to find these, and other images and to go back to the original links.)

Kid's Wardrobe Inspiration

I already have that exact budgie fabric middle left and the cat fabric middle right, and have recently purchased a couple of metres of Liberty fabric… Armed with lots of great patterns I’m good to go … although I feel that I’m restraining myself not to sew too much until Kid's Clothes Week starts in a couple of weeks … I think I’ll do a lot of cutting out these school holidays!


Does anyone have a good pattern for something like the little dresses, bottom row second on the left? I just love the knitted bodice with the floral skirt.

Anyone else joining in with KCW? What are your sewing plans? Found any good patterns/ tutorials lately? Please share!



Stacey Knight said...

absolutely beautiful!!!! The dresses with the Crochet/knitted tops are like my flower girls dresses!! Luckily one of the mama's saved one for me for Ida to grow into next year! Lovely ideas!!! x Mrsknight

Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

Ooo! I love all those pics :) I write myself a sewing plans blog post every month for that exact reason! I'm sure no one really cares whether I complete it or not but it makes me at least somewhat accountable haha!

anne maskell said...

Cute outfits and adorable fabric!
I found a couple of dresses with knit tops,

Hope that helps!

Heidi Polcyn said...

Your fabric pile has me DIE.ING. I can't wait to see what it becomes!

Leonie said...

Would love to join but not this time :( Cant wait to see all your gorgeous makes! and love the new header too! x

thingsforboys said...

I love your plans! Looks so sweet.