Thursday, 24 July 2014

KCW Day 5: Sunny Day Shorts and a Tank for Noah

KCW day 5 collage

Today is day 5 of Kids Clothes Week and I did some more Summer sewing for Noah.

I have previously made Noah some tanks and shorts, but today was my first time using the the Sunny Day Shorts pattern - (a free one from Oliver & S). It seemed quite timely to be sewing “sunny day shorts”  because the sun was streaming through the windows in my sewing room, despite it being the the middle of Winter here. I sewed the size 5 years and added pockets using Dana from MADE's pocket pattern. I really loved how these shorts turned out and really like the length they are on Noah. My preference for him is shorts that sit above the knee, so these are great.

For fabric, I really couldn’t tell you what the composition of the blue fabric is. I scored this and a whole lot of vintage fabric from my friend’s grandma a while back (thanks Kirsten!) The grey and white chevron is quilting cotton I got from Spotlight for this. I think pockets are a great way to use up pretty scraps.


For the tank I used The Blank Tank from Melly Sews/ Blank Slate Patterns. It’s one I’ve made a few times now, and it’s a wonderfully quick sew.

All the fabric I used for it is re-purposed adult tees from the op shop. The pocket is a scrap of the tee that I used when making this tee. The only change I made to the pattern is I didn’t use a curved hem. As I was cheating re-using the hem from the existing tee I straightened out the curve. The shorts took a bit longer as I was fluffing around with the pockets and familiarising myself with the pattern, but I can honestly say that the tank was a 30 minute sew, if that!


I am planning making Noah a few more of these tanks and shorts, heaps of different fabric combinations kept jumping out at me – but you can’t sew them all!

P.S. Note the old sparkler on the ground on the left behind Noah in that last pic? Guess what we did last night?

Be sure to stop back here tomorrow for day 6 … Noah and Pipi now have two outfits each, I think it’s Isabelle’s turn again!

For the rest of my makings this KCW, go here

Jenny x

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving everything you are creating here - and these patterns and colours look so great together x