Friday, 18 July 2014

Fun with Glow Paint


Way back ages ago (end of April/beginning of May), my lovely sister Holly visited us and being the super fun Auntie that she is, she bought a few treats for the kids, including this glow paint. Holly said “I’d rather bring things I can do with the kids, rather than just presents” – so she brought this glow paint (which she’d actually shipped from America for this very purpose!) And we had a fun day painting firefly jars and other glow in the dark things.

Holly left the rest of the paint with us and the other morning Noah came into our room when it was still dark and had dressed in a T-shirt that he’d worn when painting that day. It must have gotten some teeny tiny paint splatters on it because he was glowing! I checked the paint and said it was fabric paint too … so this gave me an idea …


I picked up this woollen top from the op shop for Noah recently, and with the help of a freezer paper stencil and some yellow glow paint, he now has a glow in the dark top!

The kids and I also made a good night sign in the holidays which now resides by Noah’s bed … I also have plans to make him some glow in the dark PJs!


Thanks for the glow paint, Auntie Holly!

Have you done anything with glow paint? Got any ideas on how I can use what I have left?

Jen x


Anonymous said...

what a clever idea - I just love that "Good Night" wall banner!

Leonie said...

oooo glow paint!!! that sounds super fun and love what you've done with it so far! Glow in the dark pj's - kids would go nuts for it!