Monday, 9 June 2014

“Why Cos” PJs (fun with freezer paper stencils!)


A week or so ago I posted about using freezer paper to cut out pattern pieces. Today, I’m using freezer paper in another way, one you are probably familiar with if you’re crafty and on Pinterest – to make stencils!

I’ve had a few people ask about where I get my freezer paper from. I get mine off trademe – it usually works around $20 NZD for 50 yards (heaps!)

Anyway, if you haven’t made a freezer paper stencil before I thought I’d show you how – it is really super simple yet effective!

You will need:

  • Freezer paper (I buy mine off trademe);
  • A pencil to design your stencil and a craft knife or scissors to cut it out.
  • Fabric paint (from Spotlight or Warehouse Stationery);
  • The clothing or fabric that you want painted; (Here I have used fabric as I’ve sewed the garment at the end, but you could use a store bought tee if you like.)
  • Paint brushes or a sponge;
  • An iron and ironing board.

Step 1: Design your stencil by drawing on the non shiny side of the freezer paper and cut it out. The more neatly you cut out your stencil, the more crisp and neat your end result will be. For this reason a craft knife usually works best.

Step 2: Iron your stencil (shiny side down) onto the fabric. If you don’t get it  positioned quite right don’t worry, you can always peel it off and reapply it until you are happy with it.


Step 3: Paint your design. I find blotting with a sponge gives the best coverage.


Step 4: Once your paint is touch dry then (carefully) peel off your stencil.

Step 5: Follow the instructions on your fabric on how to ‘heat set’ your design. Most fabric paints require you to iron it twice to ensure your design doesn’t bleed when washed. (Obviously wait until it is completely dry before you iron it!)

If you have printed on a store bought top you are now done. Step back and admire your handiwork!

In my case I was making Isabelle PJs … What’s the story behind “Why Cos?” you might very well ask? Well, “Why Cos” is a very common phrase that I hear daily from my 2 oldest. “Mum, why cos is the sky blue?” … Get in your PJs please … “Why cos?” … you get the picture.

My favourite use of it has to be the time I was baking cookies and said: “Let’s get these bad boys in the oven” , to which Isabelle replied “Why cos are they ‘bad boys’?”  I guess it’s not only the kids that say silly things!

Anyway here is the end result of the “Why Cos” PJs…


Easy peasy, aye?

And now I’m going to ask you for a major favour!

I’ve entered this DIY into a competition on the OHBaby page; and I would LOVE for you to vote for my entry. All you need to do is click here on my entry and click vote on the bottom left! The prize is a $500 Spotlight voucher which would be rather um… handy! Thanks in advance!

Have you experimented with freezer paper stencils before?

Jen x

Joining in with show and tell later in the week


Lauren- SAHM I am said...

Voted- what an awesome idea!

Simoney said...

Too cute!!! (and CLEVER)

Leonie said...

Way cool! Awesome and does look simple... could be sending me down a slippery slope! voted, fingers crossed! x

Schulz Family said...

found you via leonie at sunshinex3. love this. have gone and voted

Craftysquirrel said...

Yet to try freezer paper but it looks great - am off to trademe to purchase some, great tutorial thanks