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Kid's Pants Tutorial - by Lydia from Little Kiwis Closet.

Happy Thursday! Today, I'm very happy to be bringing you great tutorial from Lydia of  LittleKiwisCloset. Lydia is a friend of mine and a very talented sewer, pattern designer and many more things (not the least a Mum to 3 little cuties.) She has also contributed one of her PDF patterns to our giveaway.

Anyway, without any further ado ... here is Lydia ...

Hi, I'm Lydia from LittleKiwisCloset and I'm sharing with you today how to trace a pair of favourite pants and make a new pair, or even up-size.

Has your child ever had a pair of pants that you really liked the shape of and wanted to make another pair?
If they are simple pants (front and back - only two pattern pieces) then it isn't that hard to do.

The pants that I'm going to "copy" today are actually "mummy made" ones that I made a while ago, and they are Elijah's ALL TIME FAVOURITE pants.  He just loves the polar fleece, the softness, the dogs!! the colours...he is a blue boy through and through.

This lovely top, ironicly black, is a favourite, made by the lovely Fiona from The Adventures of Captain X and the Gingerbear Princess as part of a peek-a-boo pattern shop clothing swap.

Anyway, back to the tutorial!!!

what you will need:
~ tracing paper (I use a big roll of newsprint)
~ something to draw with
~ the pants to trace around

We need to make two pattern pieces FRONT and BACK.
To make it easy to trace around the pants I find it is best to pull one leg out the wrong way and push it down the other.  This leaves you with ONE leg to trace around, and an easy way to see the different heights of the centre front and centre back.
Lay the pants on the paper and trace around the leg making sure you add about 2cm extra down each side, for seam allowance.

Don't forget to add 3-4cm at the top and bottom to allow for the hem and elastic.

Now cut out the first piece and lay on top of the paper, trace around the side seam and the bottom part of the leg. NOT THE CROTCH as you will use the pants to do this part.
The back is a deeper more straight up and down line (the piece cut out is a back) and the front is less deep and a bit narrower.

The two pattern pieces are very similar.  The differences are: 
~ The depth of the rise/crotch seam,
~ The height of the centre front and back,
~ Front is narrower than back

You can see this from the photo, that the front is not so deeply curved as the back. and the top of the rise/crotch seam is lower in the front than it is in the back.

Now if you want to make the next size up you need to add 1cm extra to each of the side seams and 4cm at the hem, because children grow up more than they grow out.

When grading a pattern, you cant just enlarge it as patterns are not enlarged in equal amounts on all sides of the pattern piece.

I didn't have enough fabric to make the whole pair out of the doggy fabric (which really disappointed Elijah - but hopefully he will get over that)  So I decided to show you how to make one leg from each fabric.
You will need to cut 1 of each pattern piece from each of the fabrics.  
For example, I have 1 front and 1 back from the doggy, AND 1 front and 1 back from the black.

Sew your pants together:
With right sides together, place a back with a front and sew down the side seam and the inseam.
Repeat for the other leg.

Turn one leg out the right way and insert it into the other leg and match up the crotch seam. pin and sew.

Pull the leg out and hem the bottom of each leg.
Add in elastic.  ~ I use the overlock to the wrong side and turn in once and sew method, but you could make a casing and thread your elastic through. 

Yay, now you are finished.

You now have one very cute pair of pants that you son refuses to wear because they have black fabric and that "isn't his favourite colour"!!!!!
I had to force him into them for the photos, hence why they are crappy, cellphone, night ones.  
(I promise I will get some better ones another day and come back and edit to add them in.)

Hopefully tomorrow he will realise that I'm the coolest mum who made him some awesome pants to wear to preschool!!! 

As you can see the little sister wanted to get in on the photo too.

Thank you Lydia - and what cute little models! If the weather at your house is anywhere like it is here today, I'm sure Elijah will be enjoying being snuggy and warm in his new pants!

Lydia is also joining in with the Kid's Clothing Swap herself, so be sure to read about what she made in her blog post here. And you can expect to see more Little Kiwis here soon because I am joining in with a blog tour Lydia has organised early next month.

Jen x

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Lydia Persson said...

I'm happy to announce that Elijah was VERY happy to wear these pants to preschool today. the weather is horrid in Tauranga at the moment, hasn't stopped raining all day.