Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sewing Tip: Using freezer paper to cut out patterns

If you were to ask me to single out my top sewing tip, it’s highly likely that I would say ‘Use freezer paper for your patterns.’ I discovered this tip a couple of years ago myself and I swear it has saved me a lot of time and frustration over the years and has made my cutting out much neater. (Because you’ve got to set out like you want to continue, right?)

If you’ve been following crafty blogs for a while, or spend much time on Pinterest; then I’m pretty sure you would have already heard of freezer paper. But, I bet you heard about it in relation to making freezer paper stencils and applying fabric paint for the poor man’s version of silk screening. I’ve done this before and can’t wait to do it again using these stencil designs.

Anyway I digress, we all love a good freezer paper stencil, but what is one to do with the rest of the 50 yard box of freezer paper? (I got mine off trademe by the way for $20, I understand in America you can buy at the supermarket, but it’s a lot more elusive here!)

Transfer your sewing patterns onto it of course!

It’s pretty easy to do, you just trace your pattern onto the freezer paper (shiny plastic side down, you will be writing on the non shiny side.) Despite my pencil in the photo below, I wouldn’t recommend writing in pencil (or anything else that might smudge when you iron it. A normal biro pen is best.)


Cut out your pattern piece (with paper scissors! Pet peeve of mine!) … and then simply iron it onto your fabric, plastic side down. (If you need to place it on the fold, do so.)  I use a dry iron (no steam) on a medium to low temperature (obviously also paying attention to the makeup of the fabric I’m ironing it on to). The plastic side of the paper should gently stick to your fabric.

You then can simply cut out your fabric around the pattern piece. YAY! NO NEED FOR PINS!

I find this especially good when cutting out knit fabric as you avoid stretching it as you pin.


Once you’ve cut out your pattern pieces simply feel off the freezer paper so you can use the pattern next time!


Yes, that’s right you can use the pattern again and again!

So to recap, that’s no pins when cutting out, and the pattern is ready to go for next time – quick, easy and neat!

Do you use freezer paper when cutting out patterns? What’s your favourite sewing tip?

Jen x

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Alyna Higgs-James said...

ok that's a seriously good tip

Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

This looks awesome!! I've heard of freezer paper but never bought any. Where do you get it? Supermarket?

Hootnz said...

Its a great tip to mention :) its also a favourite of mine especially with knits as you say....also good to use a rotary cutter with too!

Stacey Knight said...

Genius! Ditto, from the supermarket? xx Mrs Knight

Carole said...

Fabulous tip! Thank you so much. I got mine from eBay.

Craftysquirrel said...

Brilliant idea

Anonymous said...

Freezer paper also known as parchment paper/lunch wrap paper/waxed paper. Available at countdown supermarket same isle as baking paper for under $ 4 in chch. :D