Monday, 26 May 2014

Homegrown mandarins

In the weekend the kids and I were very excited to find that our mandarin tree was now bearing ripe fruit.

We filled our hands and pockets with our harvest and combined also with some persimmons that we also picked. We now have a very full fruit bowl. (Correction: We did have a very full fruit bowl – those kids sure love their fruit. Perhaps it’s time to pick some more!)

I’m so glad I grabbed my camera (as a bit of an after thought) and managed to document the occasion. Simple pleasures, aye? It’s lovely seeing my kids get such joy from such little things.

DSC_0046DSC_0047DSC_0048DSC_0049DSC_0051DSC_0052DSC_0053DSC_0055 DSC_0059DSC_0050

Do you eat anything grown in your own garden?


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Leonie said...

Just the best! Lovely moment to capture!