Thursday, 10 April 2014

{Sewn} Hexi pocket cardi (KCW April 2014)

After getting my creative juices flowing while sewing Noah’s arrow top, yesterday I began sewing up this cardi for Noah out of an old merino tunic of mine and some other scraps of fabric (for more on fabric used, see below).

Then we had a power cut! And word on the street was that it might be a long one, possibly all night! I think I was more concerned that I couldn’t sew, than the fact that I couldn’t cook dinner! Anyway, after an hour or two of no power it was restored and we were able to turn on the lights and my sewing machine! This was the fruits of my labour: this hexi pocket cardi.

Cue a gazillion photos …


Some how I managed to bribe the boy to let make take some photos before school this morning.

I used darling cardigan pattern by Owly Baby – it’s a pattern I’ve used a few times before for Noah (as seen here – gosh my sewing and photos have improved since then!) Technically it’s a girls pattern, but I love me a boy in a cardi!

As I mentioned before the main fabric I used was some grey merino from an old tunic of mine. As you can see from the picture below I kept the side seams of the tunic intact so that saved me a step and I also used the tunic existing hem. I didn’t quite have enough for sleeves so I used some cotton jersey fabric that I had in my stash, black ribbing and some fun hexi fabric for the pocket. I’m really happy with how it turned out and Noah loves it too, it’s so snuggly!


Kid's Clothes Week has a bit of a theme this time (it’s first ever theme) – and it’s ‘mini-me.’ I reckon that restyling one of your old garments for your child fits with that theme… What do you think?

What are you sewing/ making at the moment? Are you joining in with KCW? Post a link if you are!

Jen x


Leonie said...

Love the cardi! Great job and id love it too! Haha re the power cut...all about priorities eh :p

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I have some merino and was thinking perhaps a cardigan was in order for my little girl. I knew that you'd be the person to know the best pattern!