Tuesday, 15 April 2014

PIPI GRACE – 11 months

Pipi Grace 11 monthsDSC_0039DSC_0030

I look at these photos and I think ‘woah! I need to iron that quilt!’ – Talk about wrinkly! Well that and how cute is that baby? And yay I’ve almost completed 12 months of these photos!

Pipi really is a happy wee girl. She continues to be smiley, giggly and bubbly and only really gets grumpy when I don’t feed her as quick as she’d like (the girl can eat!); or if I take too long to get her out of the cot (but when I get there she is sure happy to see me.) I’m very lucky that she is happy to go to anyone, is dealing with teething well (8 teeth and counting), and still sleeps so well. She’s still breastfeeding, but I think the other two were into it at the same age – Pipi, however will stop feeding to try and eat a piece of toast I’m eating!

Pipi has been almost walking for so long! And is pretty good as pushing her little wooden trolley around. She’ll get there when she wants to.

I sure do love this little critter!

Pipi 11 months collage

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