Monday, 10 March 2014

Instagram update

Hello people! So… last week I finally joined the world of Instagram. You can find me @mendandmakenew.

Last week also happened to have lent my camera to someone, so it makes perfect sense that this week’s stills/ bit's and pieces type post be an instagram update. Who knows maybe I’ll carry this on as a weekly thing (perhaps instead of those posts).

If you’re anything like me you enjoy seeing little snapshots of people’s lives… or maybe I’m just nosy! (Anyway, I’m loving Instagram and I’m enjoying catching up with other blog friends who seem to be blogging less and instagramming more these days.)

Anyway, here are my favourite instagram pics from last week (excuse the blurriness… but it just adds instagram character, right?)


:: Last week we ::

Baked & Ate Yoghurt

Made Basil Pesto

Made & Received (a beautiful doll from Tiny Eyes)

Decorated the bedroom (with flowers and new bedding)

Rugged up & Ate well (Andrew’s cooking)

What did you get up to last week? Are you on Instagram?


1 comment:

Leonie said...

Cant really remember what I did last week! Yay for finding bloggy friend on IG! I'm on there, but not really on there... I think i've posted 3 photo's in the last year! Looks like you had a lovely week and that doll... gorgeous!