Saturday, 22 March 2014

Corners of our home – Our bedroom

More often than not, the decor in our bedroom seems to neglected, in favour of that in the kid’s rooms and the living areas. (Not unlike breakfast in this house – I’m often so busy feeding the kids that I forget to feed myself!)

However, recently I broke from this tradition and bought some new bedding in a big sale they had at Farmers. The last time we treated ourselves to a new duvet cover was before kids, so you can understand that it was time for a change!

I knew I wanted something plain and neutral (calming and restful), but at the same time I wanted something bright and vibrant. A bit of a contradiction? Probably, but I think the white duvet and bright floral pillows that we bought really work. This white/ neutral paired with brights and florals seems to be a theme that extends to the rest of the room and also to the clothes in my wardrobe. Well, I guess I’m consistent!


I love having roses out our bedroom window, although on windy days they make a weird squeaky noise as the brush they window! (It took me a while to work out what that was!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of our room – to see other ‘corner’s of our home’ posts, go here.

Jenny x

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Leonie said...

Lovely and serene :). Know what you mean about sheets and decor and coming last! We have winnie the pooh curtains, birdie wall stickers and a duvet cover thats too small and dates long before kids! Oh well all in good time :). Love your art and quotes too x