Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Corners of our home – Noah & Isabelle’s Room


It’s been a while since I did a ‘Corners of our home’ post, with the first and last in this series being Pipi's room; so I thought I’d share Noah and Isabelle’s shared room with you.

Their room definitely doesn’t look anything like you’d see gracing the pages of a home magazine. If I had three words to describe it I’d go with ‘lived in’, ‘cozy (yet HUGE)’ and homemade. While this room can look like a tornado hit it at times, I’ve worked pretty hard to ensure that it’s a relatively quick and easy for the kids to clean up themselves. Everything in it’s place and a place for everything (Everything in it’s place only usually occurs twice every day: bedtime and first thing in the morning – so basically when it’s 5 & 3 year old inhabitants are in bed!)

They have their books and only a few toys in this room. Mainly just soft toys hanging from a chain (when not being snuggled) and the doll's house. The rest are stored in a play area (next to my sewing space). I think it works better for them for their bedroom to be more about sleeping.

Bags and coats hang on their Mocka tree hanger, they have a shoe box for their shoes and while Isabelle has drawers for her clothes, Noah currently does not hence the cardboard ones (aka banana boxes) in the open shelves in the wardrobe … but I kind of love them!

This is by far Pipi’s favourite room in the house … more often that not she’s in here … um … reading.


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Who else has siblings that share rooms? How do you find it?

Jen x

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Leonie said...

Love it, looks lovely :) and those drawers are cute! Love the rope of toys...definitely a good option for us! All three girls share a room and its great. They love it, we love it. Toys in the room are at a minimum too so sleep-time is sleep-time :).