Monday, 3 March 2014

Bits & Pieces


(snippets of last week)

1 & 2. Our passionfruit vine is finally yielding fruit. It’s delicious!

3. I won a copy of the latest Homestyle mag via Miss Molly Coddle's facebook page. Winning things always gives me a thrill whether the prize is big or small. Sarah very kindly threw in a roll of bakers twine! Thank you!

4. My sewing space is looking DIVINE! Thanks to my sis, Holly for the gorgeous mannequin! I will share more picks of this space in an upcoming post.

5 & 6. Isabelle hamming it up for the camera, as per normal!

7 & 8. Yes, although I haven’t been posting much here, I have been sewing. Burlap and lace bunting for my sister’s friends wedding (3m down 32 to go! Don’t worry, I’m not doing it all!) … And some little tops for the little girls … more to be shown soon…

9. More homework photos. I’m such a proud Mama.


Joining in with the weekly stills collection over at the Beetleshack

P.S. Do you like the blog’s new look? I do! A change feels good sometimes.

Hope you are all having a great week


::Hello Crafty:: said...

32 meters of bunting! WOW! I've just finished up a Mothers Day one for a display in my sisters florist. It's not quite as long as yours though :)Am loving the tops you're making there and I totally agree... A change is always good! Loving the look of your space esp your header!

Happy Sewing,
Sophie xo

Leanne M said...

So it was you who won the mag, hurrah! Sarah's so lovely, isn't she? I love the look of the bunting, and I am not very observant, but I didn't notice the new header on your blog until you mentioned it, but now that I HAVE seen it, it is a lovely image of your beautiful children.

kate said...

I am in love with the new look Jen.. simply gorgeous! Looks like a fabulous week! xx

Leonie said...

Cripes that a lot of bunting! Love the new look of the blog and am a little jealous of those passionfruit!