Saturday, 1 March 2014



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Noah: Doing his homework. Writing isn’t something that has come super easy for my boy, but I’m extremely proud of the hard work and effort he’s put in lately – and it’s starting to pay dividends.

Isabelle: Those eyes, those lips, that perpetually messy hair. Despite almost nightly hair washing, using detangling spray and me constantly re-doing her hair style; it has a mind of it’s own. I think it’s time for a hair cut! 

Pipi:  A rare smile from the beginning of the week. My littlest has been a bit under the weather this week. She’s had a nasty cold since Mon/Tues and then came down with a massive rash on Friday. That morning I learned that even if your child seems to have all the symptoms of measles and there happens to be a bit of an outbreak in Auckland, it doesn’t automatically translate that the actually have the measles. A trip to the doctor later and he’s diagnosed: a viral rash, ear infection, nasty cold and teething. We really are fortunate with the great medical care we have in New Zealand

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Jen x

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kate said...

honestly Jen.. you have the most adorable kids!! awesome pics xx

Barbara said...

O gosh they are adorable! If it helps, I too have a 3 year old girl who had a rats nest every morning in her hair. I started braiding (a teeny tiny braid) her hair in the evening two weeks ago for the first time and it helps immensely! Washing dries out hair, I wash it once a week with a very gently shampoo and use conditioner on the ends and a bit of coconut oil on the tips. I don't know if you know but there are lots of tips for gentle hair care over there!

Simoney said...

Ooh Jenny! thank you so much!! this just made my day (which had started out a bit rough, so even better). P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gorgeous new header and blog design - aren't you clever???!! xx