Wednesday, 12 February 2014

PIPI GRACE–9 months

It’s official! My little Pip-squeak has now been longer ‘out’ than ‘in’!

Pipi Grace 9 months Pipi’s really into her solids now (although she seems to have skipped a stage because she prefers finger food and to drink out of a cup – I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to keep up with older siblings!)

She is pulling herself up on furniture now and I really think she’s not far off walking! (More evidence to come of this in a future post). Pipi babbles away all the time saying a lot of “Dad-dah-dad-dad” etc which I think is more of just noises at this stage, but I swear she did say “bye” and wave to someone recently – so I’m claiming it!

Pipi had Plunket on Tuesday and was weighed, coming in just under 7kg. She’s pretty little for her age (pretty typical for my babies), but growing well, meeting all her milestones and is very happy! She has 6 teeth now and more coming through I think, but so far they haven’t seem to bother her too much.


(Definitely need to raise the rail on the cot! … Also, do you like my new shoes!)


Future ballerina, perhaps?

…And to compare past months growth check out these photos … (or check previous months' posts)

Pipi 0-8months



Leonie said...

Yay for a happy growing big girl doing so well - gorgeous girl x

thingsforboys said...

So cute! 6 teeth already! Good to hear that they aren't bothering her.

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