Monday, 24 February 2014

Bits & Pieces

(from the last couple of weeks)


1. She was playing on a picnic blanket, it blew over her. She wasn’t too sure what to make of it. I love that quizzical look.

2. We are continually decorating the walls. This is from Noah and Isy’s room – and features their little gallery (gosh that old blog post is from 2 years ago now!) You might also notice the ‘La la la loved’ little goldie wall decal from Pop Factory Shop … if you live in NZ and haven’t already please enter my GIVEAWAY here. The winner will receive TWO of these gorgeous decals.

3. Our broccoli heads are sprouting. They are much bigger now than when I took this photo a couple of weeks ago.

4. The kid’s received a pretty awesome letter from Auntie Holly, complete with a proper wax seal. More on this in another post.

5. Watching the cricket (I’m a long time fan.) Brendan McCullum got 300 runs so naturally I took a photo of the TV. Also we pretty much have the oldest ‘flat screen’ in existence. It was cutting edge technology when we bought it in our pre-kids days.

6-7. Art Deco Out-takes

8. She has 7 teeth now. Such a happy chappy.


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Nin said...

A lovely vignette of your life. Gosh your girls are pretty!

Leonie said...

Oh so adorable those girls! The first picture is too cute!

Mandi Poppyfoxathome said...

What lovely children you have, they have such magical, cheeky grins, my two are the same it always makes me smile. The art work walls are great too. Have a wonderful week.