Friday, 17 January 2014

{Sewn} Two little Tees

You might remember a little cowboy for Theo I made about a year ago. Well that little boy had his first birthday recently so I made him a couple of little tees. (Also, his beautiful Mama has a lovely blog which you really add to your reading list – Do it!)


I used a pattern from one of my favourite sewing books - Growing up Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. but it’s pretty similar to MADE's 90 minute shirt if you’re after a free tutorial.

Isabelle has now requested a giraffe tee for herself, and Noah wants a lion one.

In terms of my sewing goals for this year, I really want to sew more gifts for people. Not just for the standard birthday/ Christmas present thing – but sometimes ‘just because’. I’ve been inspired recently by seeing friends use their (God given) talents to bless others, and I’m not saying I’m super talented at sewing (I’m not being modest, I just know a lot of people more talented than I); but I have acquired some skills and I do have the equipment and fabric stash (!) to make a fair few things.

I also want to sew some more things for my wardrobe - I know, just when you thought I was being so selfless/ outward looking Winking smile

I also want to stretch myself more and learn new skills/ extend my professionalism and I want to focus on quality over quantity.

Speaking of sewing for ME, Yesterday I completed a garment that I am really rather pleased with and hope to share with you next week.

Do you have any sewing goals this year? Have you sewed anything recently?

Jen x


Leanne M said...

Love the colours of those tees. I have not sat at my sewing machine in a month at least and it is getting jumpy! I do have so many things I would love to make, but it will have to wait until the girls go back to kindy and school in a couple of weeks.

kate said...

Thanks again Jenny! he is wearing one of these tee's today in fact... they are just too gorgeous! I have a quilt to make this year and am keen to make more baby pants and attemp another dress for myself... we shall see! First step is to pick up sewing machine from the Bernina shop now its all fixed! :)

Leonie said...

Great looking tees!! cant wait to see what you've made yourself and also super keen to see all the lovely just-because gifts you create this year. You are super talented (to me anyways!) and I look forward to seeing what skills you acquire! I really want to finish a few things this year and spend a bit more time designing patterns. Also I really should make more stuff for my own kids I think! Hope you've had a great wekeend x

Talia Christine said...

Well done! They look SO GOOD! x