Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Seeya 2013! (a yearly reflection)

seeya 2013

Upon reflection it feels like 2013 has been a big one for my little family. Perhaps this is because it finished with a bang (we moved house, sold a house, celebrated Noah's 5th birthday and jumped on a plane to celebrate Christmas with family down South all in the space of December!)

In the middle of the year we welcomed little Pipi Grace into our family – now it seems as if she’s always been here.

Sewing/craftiness wise – the first of the year was largely dominated by baby related projects … including the labour of love that was that quilt. (Also shown here: hot air balloon mobile and stamped nursery art)

When I wasn’t sewing baby stuff I also joined in with the Kid’s Clothing Week a couple of times. Most notably in July where I recycled an old top many different ways and also in October, when my favourite makings were my little Liberty leggings and some pretty funky undies. (I think I joined in partly another time too just before Pipi was born, but that was much less notable.)

I also did a bit of sewing for ME and joined in with Selfish Sewing week and made myself some scalloped shorts (one of my proudest sewing moments to date). I can’t wait to sew more things for myself in the future.

I can’t quite believe that I managed to take a photo a week of my kids this year as part of the portrait project… After looking back at the years photos it’s safe to say that Noah eats (and creates and bakes) and Isabelle sleeps!

She’s not bothered by location – just give her a bed/ wall or other surface and her thumb and she’s a happy girl!

Pipi just grew and was gorgeous … as further evidenced by my month by month quilt photos (and don’t worry, I haven’t dropped the ball – I’m planning on posting a very belated 7 month update shortly!)

During the course of this year I’ve also worked with lots of awesome businesses and individuals through product reviews (including my NZ Kid's Clothing Review Series) and by bringing you lots of awesome giveaways. (I would love to do a round up of this here, but this is getting rather epic – so may require it’s own post to acknowledge all these amazing businesses). I hope to continue to share awesome online finds, cool products and fun giveaways with you in 2014.

I’ve also enjoyed making new blog buddies, interacting with my readers and watching this ol’ blog morph and change – much in the same way that I’m watching my kiddos grow up and my sewing skills increase. This blog is such a mish mash of so many things, but then so am I … and I kinda like it. So yeah.

I feel bad that I haven’t had as much time to read and comment on your blogs these last few months – I hope this will change in the new year.


Personally, this last year I’ve seen God’s sovereignty and perfect timing at work more clearly and His love more evident in those around me. I hope (and pray) that I can trust in Him more and more this year and bless others as they have blessed us.

Happy 2014 people – and if there is anything in particular you’d like to see more of (or less of – eeek) on my blog this year, please let me know! Thanks for reading x


Leonie said...

Love your blog Jenny :) Hope you have a blessed 2014 too x

Jenny said...

Hi Jenny!
I'm a long time reader of your blog, a recent follower & first time 'commenter' :o) I just want to (finally) say hello and let you know how much I enjoy your blog and seeing all the things you make, along with the lovely photos you take of your family's adventures. Happy 2014 to you!

thingsforboys said...

Happy New Year Jenny!