Saturday, 11 January 2014

PIPI GRACE–7 & 8 months

Pipi Grace 7 monthsPIPI GRACE 8 months

Although I did take photos when Pipi hit her 7 month milestone, we too busy moving in and then going away for me to write her 7 month post – hence the double update. The 8 month old photos were taken the other day, on the 9th Jan, when Pipi officially became one month older.

It’s pretty clear , with these two photos side by side that she’s grown A LOT! Her hair is longer, her face chubbier as is the rest of her body – although she is aided in the 8 month pic by a bit of a bulky re-usable nappy.

Pipi continues to sleep very well, now has 5 teeth (2 down the bottom and 3 up top), is an extremely proficient crawler – this started in earnest at about 6.5 months, a few weeks before Christmas – after much rocking. She’s now pulling herself up on furniture a bit, but I think she wont be walking for a wee bit longer.

Pipi is still not overly keen on solids (she seems to hate baby rice with a vengeance), but seems to like the baby lead weaning approach… I haven’t looked into this before because my other 2 took to purees straight away. Pipi still prefers to get most of her calories from me and is still continuing to thrive and grow, so I’m not worried.


I love these photos I took of Noah and Pipi (at 7 months). Pipi continues to look a lot like Noah did as a baby and these two share a pretty special bond, which I think is captured well in these shots.

I only managed a couple of Pipi at 8 months as she was far too eager to get on the move. However, with the help of a squeaky toy I was able to keep her still long enough to take a half decent comparison shot …


…. And then she was off looking for more bits of carpet fluff to eat and electrical cords to hunt down.

Here are the photos from the previous months to compare…

Pipi 0-8months

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thingsforboys said...

Wow! She sure has grown! Baby Led Weaning is so much fun, I hope you like it too! Ted has only just started eating and I think he would sit in the chair and eat all day!

Leonie said...

Gosh she is getting so big! And man she is till adorable! love the photo's with Noah - they are super special x