Friday, 31 January 2014

Bits & Pieces


{Little bits and pieces of the last week}

1 & 2. On the walls – starting to make this house a home

3. A glimpse of some recent op shopping success

4 & 5.  Rock climbing at Stoney Creek Ranch (a camp Toby and Tash are now working and living at)

6. Playing in the long grass at Stoney Creek

7. Blackberries from our garden. (These were combined with apples to make a fruit crumble)

8. The smallest roman sandals in existance. (Part of Noah’s school uniform)

9. School work. ‘Mother is sewing’ … yes (often) she is!

Joining in with the weekly stills collection over at The Beetle Shack


1 comment:

Leonie said...

Oh so lovely - I love love those Sandals - big or small :)