Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bits & Pieces


1. A strong contender for this weeks portrait project. Who can resist chubby baby cheeks in profile?

2. Tickling tootsies

3. I’m loving my new sewing space

4-5. I tried to get some photos of all three kids together – impossible! But I kind of love these candid shots (and the 5 million others I took)

6. Cute owl eggs

7. Loving our new stools

8. We’ve had some amazing sunsets

9. My boy: helping fill the cookie jar (and then empty it); and playing ‘the violin’

10. My girls: enjoying hand and iceblock

Joining in with the weekly stills collection over at The Beetle Shack



Miss Muggins said...

Those owl eggs are a hoot! I love your stools, I am still waiting for my yellow ones to arrive, which I ordered way back in JUNE. Your family is seriously cute BTW xx

Angels have Red Hair said...

Love your stools and that sunset is amazing :0)

Leonie said...

oh the shots of the 3 together cracked me up! impossible but hilarious :)

Kathy said...

Lovely set of photos and I love the one of the toddler on the stool. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Mandi Poppyfoxathome said...

What a great collection of home life. The family shot of the kids is great and loving the patchwork blanket. Over from stills. Have a great week.

Fiona said...

owl eggs - so much fun! i love seeing your three have so much fun together, even if you wanted to get a good shot. the patchwork quilt is amazing, did you make it? hooray for a sewing space! popping in from em's stills.

thingsforboys said...

I can't get photos of the two boys either...impossible! The owl eggs are too cute!

Melissa said...

Great sunset, love the owl eggs have a great week