Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Bits & Pieces


1. A beautiful coriander arrangement (left) by Noah. Isabelle made one too and then was distraught because her best sucking thumb tasted like “Colly-ander”

2. ‘Train stalactites’ – I marvel daily at this little girl’s imagination and cleverness (here she was learning about magnets)

3-5. A lovely day at the river

6-7. Blueberries!

8. Some recent sewing … more on this shortly

9. I’ve loved settling up Pipi’s room – more on this soon too…

10. Pissaladiere – yum!

Belatedly joining in with the weekly stills collection over at The Beetle Shack



Jess B said...

Lovely and idyllic. x

Leonie said...

Looks lovely and very holliday-ish :)

Simoney said...

Love your snaps - a lovely slice of life x