Sunday, 1 December 2013

‘round here …

Sorry for the sound of silence in this place. Life continues to happen a rapid pace, and sometimes I feel as I don’t have enough time to blog it all, but that’s what these random/ catch up posts are for, right?

Strap on your seatbelts for a rundown of the haps round here, complete with a random (and some not so random) collection of photos from this month …


[A delicious brunch! Strawberries are tasting extra sweet to me this year.]

  • We’ve just sold our house … to our tenants! I was just stressing out that we’d have to move back into our house for a few months to sell it (we currently live in a different city), because the tenants had indicated they didn’t want to live in it when it was on the market … but then they decided to buy it. It never even went on the market – and yay for private sale! God has been very good to us!
  • We are moving (again!) Still within the same city and we just renting for now. I am currently packing and trying to sort through fabric! I’m very excited about our new place!


[Part of something I made for a friend’s impending new arrival]

  • Pipi’s development is coming on in leaps and bounds this last month. She is sooo close to crawling (and getting more teeth) … more on this (no doubt) in an upcoming 7 month update.
  • I’ve basically been living in these shorts. When I’m holding Pipi she likes to poke her toes in one of the back pockets. So far my homemade welt pockets have stood up to this challenge!


[Mummy’s shoes]

  • Isabelle has been finding Kindy fun but tiring and Noah turns 5 in a couple of weeks!


[A photo by Noah – taken of New Zealand (well bottom of the South and Stewart Islands anyway) on his soft toy planet- he’s so clever being able to find this himself after I only showed him once before!]

  • Andrew and I just celebrated our TEN year wedding anniversary! I think we only realised what a big thing it is once we hit it. Thanks to God for bringing us together and guiding us everyday. We had a great weekend and Andrew bought me a DSLR which I’ve wanting for AGES! Now to work out how to use it! (Any tips would be most appreciated!)



  • We’ve booked our holiday to Christchurch for Christmas (despite some drama with the ferries) and I can’t wait – but I still haven’t quite got used to hearing Christmas music in shops …. and can’t believe it’s December already!
  • What have you been up to recently?


    EDIT: This photo just had to be included … (because who doesn’t love a good toilet paper pyramid? – Thanks kids!)





Miriam said...

congrats on 10 years!! Love the new camera... one of those is on my wish list too x

jacksta said...

I got the exact same camera just before the bloggers conference for my birthday!
I just bought myself a Dummy's guide to no help here!
But I have been having so much fun posting better pictures on my blog.

Leonie said...

Congrats to you both! Lots going on and life keeping you busy! Hope all the moves and trips go well :) As for the camera....we are on the verge of buying a dslr ... So i am super curious to see which ones people have! Hope the week is going well xx