Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pipi and the bubbles

Noah and I were playing with bubbles just after dinner tonight, with Isabelle already in bed (exhausted wee mite) and Pipi in the high chair. I didn’t even think about the fact that Pipi might also be interested in them until I heard her giggling away and trying to catch them.

It was hard to blow bubbles, photograph and calm down the extremely competitive older brother bubble popper … but I think I got a few shots that captured some of the joy/ magic that happens when babies meet bubbles…


‘Here bubble, bubble, bubble’


The little photo-bombing head cracks me up!


‘Praise the Lord!’

OK that’s probably enough baby spam from me!

Until next time …

Jen x


Barbara said...

Aaaaaw so cute! She's trying so hard to catch them!

Leonie said...

Oh man she is so adorable! Well done for capturing it!

thingsforboys said...

Oh so cute! I'll have to see if Ted is into bubbles yet.