Sunday, 29 December 2013

51/52 & 52/52

What with the busyness that comes with moving/ being on holiday and the festive season, my last 2 instalments (for this year, at least*) of the portrait project come as a package deal.

“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."



Noah: Loving his littlest sister. (At home)

Pipi: Thumbing sucking on the swing. (At Otaki)

Isabelle: Feeding ducks. (In Christchurch)

Normally I either order my pics in order of the kids’ age (unless I have an outright favourite and then I’ll place that first). However for my photos for last week I did something a little different. I’ve placed them in the order they were taken. You can see from this that we’ve done a bit of travelling.

Last Monday we travelled to Otaki and stayed with my in-laws  for a couple of days before flying down to Christchurch on Wednesday. We then spent a week with family down there including part of Christmas day. We then flew out mid afternoon that day (cheap flights) and spent the evening with my in-laws again. We are home again now and I’m finding myself unpacking from being away as well as continuing to set up in our new place! Busy times!



Noah & Isabelle: Scenes from our Christmas in Christchurch. The super ornate gingerbread house Noah is holding was a lovely gift from Auntie Holly.

Pipi: Slooowly starting to get more interested in food (of the solid variety.) Seen here with paw paw and a rusk.

And that ends my portrait project for this year (although I’m sure I’ll be back for a round up/ the best of post.)

* I haven’t completely decided yet if I’m going to participate again next year. If you asked me a couple of months ago, I would’ve said no – but that was before I got my new camera – now I’m keen to join in again and stretch myself a bit more photographically. It’s such a great record of the kids growing up too!

Anyone else keen to join in for 2014?


Joining in over here

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Leonie said...

Great shots of gorgeous kids - Happy New Year to you all x

Frater Family said...

Hey Jenny, Love your blog! I think I'm keen to do a portrait of my kids weekly for the year. Might get me to keep my blog updated!

Stella R said...

lovely photos!

zsxd02 said...

She is a very loving child.

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