Monday, 9 December 2013


You would be forgiven for thinking that my blog is just portrait project photos lately.

We moved house on Saturday (more on that later), I’m just starting to emerge from a mountain of boxes and we’ve only just reconnected out internet (after a bit of drama, including Isabelle running out yelling “I’ve had a Papa Oscar Oscar accident” (her words) while I was on the phone with the provider)!  Buuuut I hope to now resume normal broadcasting and can’t wait to show some pics of our new house (and garden , ohhh the garden) … I may even squeeze in a spot of sewing before Christmas (once I’ve finished setting up my new sewing space, something I’ve desperately missed in the last year!)

Anyway, in amongst all of this I’ve been enjoying playing with my new camera…


“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Isabelle: The princess and the pea. This girl sleeps for hours! Noah had dropped his day sleeps before age 2, so the fact that she still sleeps around 3 hours a day at age 3 amazes me! (And I’m not complaining!)

Noah: A boy and his kite. Noah and I spent some time one on one at the park the other day. It was so nice being ‘just us.’ I sometimes tell Noah about how he was my first baby and it was just us (and Daddy of course), he loves these stories!

Pipi: Eyes on the prize. We took the kids (and a small load of things) round to the new house on Friday night and had a picnic of takeaways on the floor. I grabbed the bags containing our Christmas tree and decorations as an after thought and the kid’s had great fun setting it up – Pipi really wanted this dove decoration!

… Here’s some evidence of Noah and Isabelle’s decorating efforts … I can assure you that it was all them!


Can you tell how proud Isabelle is of her handiwork?

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Jenny x


Nin said...

Great photos Jen! I really love the one of Isabelle sleeping - such a precious moment. Had to laugh out loud at the phonetic alphabet reference - sooo Foxtrot Uniform November November Yankee

Elsie and Joan said...

Oh my, your sleeping beauty - what a lovely capture! Can you believe the year and this series is almost over?! Belinda x