Monday, 25 November 2013

The Naughty Fairy Pipi

So I, ummm… kinda wrote a book!

It’s in no way anything near as awesome as what Sarah and Simone have done. (Aren’t they incredible?) Instead mine’s just a cute little story for my kids.

You see after Pipi was born, I quickly realised bedtime had the potential for being a bit tricky. My husband travels a bit for work and on the nights he was away I would find it hard to juggle getting my two older kids in bed, holding the baby and doing our normal routine of reading  a book or two. Simply put, I just didn’t have enough hands.

So, instead of reading a book I started telling ‘Naughty Fairy Pipi’ stories. The plot lines were always simple – Pipi would get up to mischief by turning something of Noah and Isabelle’s into something else – their tooth paste to glue, bunk beds to rubber etc etc. The stories were always spontaneous, made up on the spot and Noah and Isabelle would come up with their own ideas too. Pretty soon 'Naughty Fairy Pipi’ stories were the most requested type of story in our house. When Pipi was awake she’d ‘fly’ around too and be part of the story (and if not I’d substitute a soft toy). It really tickled me to imagine this chubby little baby with these little tiny wings.

Cover 2A

Fast forward to sometime in the last couple of weeks when I discovered Simone's book 'An Unexpected Christmas' – I think I’m the last in the blog world to discover this! (I’ve found it hard to keep up with my blog reading recently.) But anyway,  I thought it was awesome. Simone mentioned that she originally printed her book via Snapfish (whom I had already used a lot before to print photos.) It was at this point that I first had the thought that I might actually be able to make my own book.

Then, while browsing the Snapfish site I discovered that they had a special of around 60% off most of their photo books (until today) – so I decided it was fate.

A couple of days later I’d finished my book, the next day (last Friday) I received an email that it had been shipped and then today it arrived in the mail! So fast!

And I was extremely happy with the quality. Brace yourself for a large number of photos of the finished product…


So where from here? I’d really love to make some more – the kid’s are stoked with it and I have heaps more ideas.

Also, various family members have suggested that I should try to get it (professionally) published and try to sell it. Of course, these people are probably a bit biased … but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. It would need a lot of tweaking, I’m sure – and for now I’m happy for it to be a cute little book for my kids.

pipi big

She really is a cute little fairy, isn’t she?



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Barbara said...

Your book looks smashing! I think these books will be cherished in years to come, they will be about childhood memories. Such a great idea :)

Miriam said...

well done!! xx

Sophie Slim said...

Gorgeous!!! You've done such a great job with it!! Did you design the pages first and then upload them, or can most of the design be done in snap fish?

Leonie said...

Well done you! utterly adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Why don't you test the market by getting a few more printed on snapfish and selling them on felt and etsy? Seriously cos I want to buy a copy!

Simoney said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! LOVE IT!!! xx

Mama Shara said...

Ummm.... Awesome!! Mum of the year! What a fab idea, I bet your kids are stoked too!

Katie said...

What an awesome little book! I love the story of how the stories came about!

elflyn said...

Well done, your book will be treasured in years to come.
Have a beautiful week. said...

Lovely! You've inspired me. Thanks for sharing!