Sunday, 10 November 2013

PIPI GRACE–6 months

It’s official on Saturday Pipi turned half a year old!  I didn’t make a cake or anything, but we celebrated on the day by attending a lovely friend’s baby shower and eating some delicious cake that another friend had for that occasion (well, Pipi got the cake second hand, but that still counts right?)

I managed to snap off these photos earlier in that day … and I did have a sudden thought – ‘has this quilt shrunk’ but then realised (while laughing at myself) that no, it was more of a case of ‘wow, how this baby has grown!’

Pipi 6 months

Pipi’s such a wiggly wee girl now – it’s getting harder and harder to get photos of her ‘on’ the quilt! She will roll right off or kind of backwards crawl (I remember my others doing this too!) She’s not quite sitting unassisted yet (only for very short periods of time) and isn’t really into solid food yet after having a couple of tastes. But I’m not worried, I know this will click for her soon.


Pipi’s still pretty little compared to the graphs and all that, but she’s recently laid down some good baby chubs. I really love her little baby arms/ wrists, they are almost my favourite feature of hers; second only to those super kissable cheeks!

Here’s the comparison to previous months …

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Stacia, the Homey Owl said...

These photos are adorable. Such a great way to remember how much she is growing!

Sophie Slim said...

Wow her hair has grown so much recently too!! She is SO beautiful! What a little sweetie! Happy 6months Pipi! (time to start planning the first party? hahaa!)

Leonie said...

What a gorgeous little dot! Happy 6 months to you both! x

Leanne M said...

She is just so lovely, Jen. Still crushing on that quilt too, it's gorgeous.

thingsforboys said...

6 months already?! Time is going waaaay too fast. Such a gorgeous little girl!