Wednesday, 13 November 2013

On Mending & Making


You’d be suprised to know (especially given the fact that this blog is called ‘Mend & Make New'), that my mending pile often sits there a bit neglected.

You see, while I love the idea of mending and looking after what you have, I’m not always so good with the practical reality of it. It’s not that I’m lacking mending skills, just motivation – I’d much prefer to rush onto the next exciting project (and I’m a bit like this with finishing things properly too) … sometimes things like hemming and mending just seem so … boring!  IMG_1998IMG_2000

…And in stark contrast the allure of a new project seems so exciting!

But, despite it’s allure, just starting a new project is not the answer either – and although I’m not going to a shop and buying another bit of clutter for our house – making something new when there’s a pile of awesome things just in the need of a little repair seems nonsensical – and almost akin to the consumerism that I’m trying to escape!

My sister recently gave me this badly ripped dress and I was reminded how completely un-boring mending actually is. There is something so satisfying about mending something so beautiful. This dress had been torn right along one of the seams connecting the side with the back and was teeny tiny (XXS!) – hence the reason for the tear. On the advice of my Mum I did a really good repair job on the seam (machine sewed and overlocked , instead of my original plan to just hand sew it). It was double breasted so I made it bigger by moving the buttons along. It also had sleeves, but they were very tight on my so I cut them off, cut the arm holes bigger and bound them from binding I made from the sleeve fabric.


I’m so happy with the result! It hard to find dresses you can breastfeed in, so I also love it for that reason – plus it has pockets, who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?


(Photos by Isabelle!)

… And see that pile of vintage fabric? This arrived today – sent by an old school friend who was sorting out her Grandma’s old fabric… Now that I’ve tackled a bit of my mending pile, I feel free to embark on an exciting new project or two … But maybe after we move and go on holiday. (Yeah, I’ve got a bit to fill you in on!)


Joining in with Wardrobe Wednesday (and Show and Tell, Made by Hand)

Jen x


Jess B said...

Oh my goodness Jenny! It's awesome! I want one!!!!! What gorgeous fabric too - the dress and the huge bag of vintage stuff.

Leonie said...

Wow that dress is gorgeous! yay for fixing it and getting to enjoy it! New always seems more exciting doesn't it?? Sounds like a lot happening in your world - cant wait to hear about it!

Zara said...

Such a pretty dress, you did a wonderful job fixing it.
and pockets, who doesn't love a pocket or two. x

Nin said...

Good work Jen. Which reminds me I have four vintage dresses sitting a basket waiting to be altered in one way or another!

nz green buttons said...

I love the feeling of finally getting things out of the mending pile, but actually doing the mending no. I love the dress! Good luck with the move.

Miriam said...

oh amen! I pretty much never mend and yet it's so quick and then I can wear it again instead of looking at it resentfully! Exciting fabrics! Exciting moves..... I am looking forward to the full installment!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally loving your dress - you've done a great job! I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets too.

You've done well with the vintage fabric, there are so many possibilities! Happy sewing. :)


Rie said...

Lol, I agree about that dress & breastfeeding thing, I was looking at a dress yesterday & ended up not buying it cos there was no way possible I could have breastfed with it on! You did a brilliant job of the remake, the dress is fab!

Kelly McLuckie said...

Whew it sounds busy there! Great job on the mending... you've inspired me to get stuck into my own pile tonight! Thanks for sharing with Wardrobe Wednesday xo

Sally said...

Ditto dresses and breastfeeding!

Great work. That is one awesome dress.

planettreasures said...

the dress is beautiful, and so practial.
And wow! what an amazing lot of fabrics *mouth-watering*!

Schulz Family said...

found you via show and tell. I love the name of your blog as I too love the recycle or upcycle of things. I totally agree about pockets in dresses, why do all dresses not have pockets?