Thursday, 21 November 2013

Isabelle turns 3!

Isabelle is 3

On Tuesday Isabelle turned 3! On Monday we had a mini party at my Mums to celebrate – it was a really nice but very relaxed affair.

I made the number 3 cake, and although you can’t really tell from the photo, my icing job left a lot to be desired. Nothing that couldn’t be hidden by a smattering of silver balls and icing roses. In the end I decided it was ‘rustic elegance’ and perfect for the birthday girl – she’s such a mixture of both tom boy and girly girl. ‘Yes I do want to wear my pink tutu skirt, but I will jump in the mud puddles while wearing it, thankyouverymuch!’

Or, at least that’s how I spun it in order to feel better about my cake.

As it turns out I’m a bit of a spin doctor because I also managed to convince Andrew that we should buy this boisterous 3 year old a pearl necklace for her birthday. The reasoning was that it would nice to get her something special and teach her about looking after things and being a big girl (and we were trying to think of something that wasn’t just another toy.)

In reality, I just thought they were pretty! But, so far it’s working out really well. She’s knows they are just for wearing to church and for special occasions  … and you should have seen her face light up when she opened them – priceless!

IMG_2302IMG_2416IMG_2417IMG_2421 IMG_2419

My Mum also bought her a little musical jewellery box to keep them in – so cute!

Isabelle had her first day at Kindy/ Preschool today too. Noah was so sweet, looking after her and showing her what to do (despite his new ‘I don’t like girls’ stance).


It proved impossible to get a front on photo of Isabelle entering kindy – She was saying ‘Let me in!’ and rattling the gate as this was taken. I wasn’t quite as eager (and had to hold back a tear or two... my little girl’s growing up so fast!)

… And then I was down to just one child! What to do?

I gave her strawberries …


… and then a bath!


I hope your week has been a good one too!

Happy Birthday Week* my beautiful, busy, talkative, articulate and thoughtful Isabelle!


*Because I’m of the view that why should a birthday last for just one day?


Stella R said...

Looks like the perfect birthday week! LOve her birthday gift, what a great idea!

Anthea Livingstone said...

Happy Happy Birthday Isabub. Hugs and Kisses :) xx

Leanne M said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter, that feeling of seeing your babies grow up is so bittersweet.

nz green buttons said...

Happy birthday little one! It looks like a lovely party and I love the idea of such a special necklace too.

thingsforboys said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle! The icing looks fine to me. I'm no good at icing either, it always looks great in my head, but lumpy and bumpy in reality. I love the idea of giving a little girl sweet!