Wednesday, 23 October 2013

PIPI GRACE – 5 months

Pipi Grace 5 months

I can’t believe that Pipi is 5 months already! It’s cliché to say, but it honestly only feels like yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. In fact, it wont be long until Pipi is 6 months as this update is 2 weeks overdue, due to the fact that we were away in Christchurch when she reached that milestone. Actually the day she turned 5 months (9/10/2013) was the day of my Gran’s funeral – which is nice I think as it will help me remember the date. She was angelic as always on that day, sleeping for most of the service in both mine and my Dad’s arms.

Pipi Grace 4 & 5 months

Probably the biggest change for Pipi in the last month has been how much she is now moving. She loves to roll all over the show and curls up her little toes and pushes against the ground while on her tummy, as if trying to crawl. I had a bit of difficulty taking the photos below because she kept rolling right off the quilt! Another big change for Pipi is that she has now officially (and finally) popped through a couple of teeth. I managed to photograph one when taking these photos on Monday and she has since popped through another. She has been dealing with it pretty well.

Pipi’s also caught a ferry and two aeroplanes in the last month, making her a bit of an intrepid traveller! And I honestly have to say that she was the easiest traveller of the lot … unlike Mr (tantrums of the tarmac) Noah!








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… And for something completely unrelated – I have been participating in Kid's Clothes Week – but haven’t managed to take any good photos yet of the finished products. I hope to do a day 2 and 3 combined post at some stage tomorrow (day 1 was a bit of a write off.) But for now, here’s a sneak peek …


I’m finding it bit hard to keep up with the sewing this time around – but I’m not being too hard on myself, I do spend a large part of my day feeding this little girl …and these month by month posts remind me how much good it’s doing her. She’s grown from a newborn to 5 months just on my milk! She’ll be starting solids soon though! Fun times ahead!



kate said...

Too much cuteness!! And on another note... WHERE did you get that stamp!!

Leonie said...

5 months! she's getting so big! What a gorgeous button :) that stamp look so cute! Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to :)

thingsforboys said...

I love your monthly photos! Who would ever think teeth could be so cute?! I love that little camera stamp and can't wait to see what you do with the Liberty jersey.