Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mrs Nesbitt

I’m feeling the need to share a bit of Isabelle hilarity with you.

A while back we were having a bit of a ‘tea party.’ (By way of background, I’ve started a bit of a ‘thing’/ tradition that if we have left over cream in the fridge the kids and I either make pikelets or scones and make a pot of tea and have a bit of a Devonshire tea or ‘tea party’ with jam and cream) So anyway, we were enjoying our ‘tea party’ and Isabelle started saying something over and over again. It was hard to make out what she was saying (she may have had a mouth full of food); but it sounded something like: “I’m Mizznesbit” – whatever it was she was very enthusiastic about what she had to say.


And then the penny dropped. She was saying “I’m Mrs Nesbitt” – from this iconic scene in Toy Story:

I’m Mrs Nesbitt!


You know your kids have watched a DVD A LOT when they are able to quote lines from it! So funny!


Needless to say, Little Miss is now referred to as “Mrs Nesbitt” at all tea parties (she refuses to answer to anything else!)

These are the sort of memories I want to hold on tight too!

What funny things have your kids done or said recently?



Miriam said...

that is so cute - I love that she is so pretty and so ramshackled looking at the same time (I mean that as a compliment!)

Cassandra said...

Hehe. Thats too cute!