Saturday, 26 October 2013

KCW Oct 2013: Days 5-6

Here’s my Kid's Clothes Week offering for days 5-6 undies for Isabelle. If you’d asked me a few years ago if I would ever sew undies for my kids I would have laughed in your face. But that was before I saw this kid's underwear pattern from That Darn Kat – how cute are those undies?

Oodles of Undies

Cuteness aside, there are a couple of other reasons for my decision to sew undies. We started toilet training Isabelle in earnest about 2 weeks before we went to Christchurch – she was going like a dream and then we had to travel down and there was a bit of a relapse. We had so many accidents on our return that Isabelle ran out of her own undies and had to use her brother’s!  Also, Isabelle is often a bit little for store bought undies, they usually gape at the legs – not so great for containing ‘certain’ accidents if you know what I mean!

Although the training is back on track now – I thought why not make it fun, with some ‘fun undies’? (I have to tell you, I was ‘this’ close to heading up this post “Fundies!” Count yourself lucky!)

But they really are such fun! (And most importantly, a hit with Isabelle who put a pair on straight away.)


That last pair is my favourite and reminds me somewhat of Abby's gorgeous handmade adult pair – quite possibly because we both used the same Liberty fabric!

As well as couple of small scraps of the Liberty knit fabric that I also used for the girl's leggings, most of the fabric I used was scraps of knit fabric from my stash including a repurposed tee and some left over owl fabric from a previous Spoonflower order.

The pattern is great and pretty easy, with one of the best things about it being that they are made using no elastic and therefore extremely comfy.

I also made a pair of training pants (the original reason I bought this pattern) – it’s not an idea suggested in the pattern, just something I saw on Pinterest (link and more to come in a future post, once I’ve made more and tested out their effectiveness). But essentially they have an extra patch made of 2 layers of absorbent microfibre (the stuff used for inserts in pocket nappies); covered by waterproof PUL (also used to make re-usable nappies). See what I mean below…

Training pants frontTraining pants back

I plan to use these when out and about and overnight as toilet training progresses.

I also have a bunch more undies cut out and ready to sew. Once you get making them, it’s a little addictive – coming up with the fabric combinations is the best part!

Ok that’s enough about undies for one day!

Joining in with the fun that is…


Sophie Slim said...

These are SO GREAT!! They remind me of thunderpants! You could never buy undies this awesome for a toddler!!! LOVE EM! x You did an excellent job of them!

Modern Day Mummying said...

What a great idea! I love this!

Sophie xo

thingsforboys said...

Love them all! Such a lucky little girl having some liberty undies. Can't wait to see what you think of the training pants. I'm thinking of making some too for when Roman one day decides he will start toilet training :/

Jane from Lil Pip said...

I got an undies pattern with the Sew Fab bundle so I thought I would try too. Great to be able to get a good fit for my skinny mini (I have a whole draw full that still don't fit her!).

Not sure I'm ready to try my own just yet!!

Leonie said...

These are definitely Fundies!! man they are awesome! I can imagine like you I'd go pfft no way Jose... but looking at these... I wouldn't be able to resist! Go you!

Kat @ beanieandtalbot said...

I had to do a search for this post as I really want to do some training pants for my skinny little two year old, and you're the only person I know ('know') who makes their own knickers! I just bought undies and they are HUGE. Have you got a post for trainers, and what is the sizing like on the pattern? X