Thursday, 24 October 2013

KCW Oct 2013: Day 3-4

Just trying to catch up on my KCW posts…

Camera Stamp Tee

I’ve put this down as days 3-4 but truthfully I chipped away at the girls' leggings and this tee simultaneously over the last 3 days. This is how I sew these days – in factory line mode. All the cutting out at once, sewing then finishing – it seems faster that way.

I got this cute little camera stamp from The Make Cafe when we were down in Christchurch (such great craft supplies and delicious food)! And I used my Versacraft fabric ink to apply the stamp. I can’t wait to do heaps more stamping projects.


Good old Noah hamming it up for the camera! As I mentioned in my last post, my two older kids are becoming increasingly difficult to photograph as they are always on the go and unfortunately I didn’t have any bribes on hand, so this is what I got!


The neckline looks a bit funny in these photos but that only because I hadn’t ironed it flat before taking these photos (lazy!)

The pattern I used is my go to raglan pattern - The Acadia Tee  as seen herehere, here, here and here – see I told you I’ve used it a lot!

For the fabric: the grey is from one of my Mum’s old tees (and I re-used the hem), the hexie fabric used on the arms is a jersey knit from and for the neckline/ edge of sleeves I used black rib knit.

It was a pretty quick sew and I’m happy with how it turned out. Noah seemed to like it but promptly covered it in avocado during dinner approximately 5 mins after these photos were taken!


Leonie said...

Looks great! love the sleeves and that stamp is adorable! the Make Cafe is awesome :)

Jane from Lil Pip said...

That hexie fabric is lovely. Off to look! Great job Jenny x

(PS I sew production style too!)