Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mrs Nesbitt

I’m feeling the need to share a bit of Isabelle hilarity with you.

A while back we were having a bit of a ‘tea party.’ (By way of background, I’ve started a bit of a ‘thing’/ tradition that if we have left over cream in the fridge the kids and I either make pikelets or scones and make a pot of tea and have a bit of a Devonshire tea or ‘tea party’ with jam and cream) So anyway, we were enjoying our ‘tea party’ and Isabelle started saying something over and over again. It was hard to make out what she was saying (she may have had a mouth full of food); but it sounded something like: “I’m Mizznesbit” – whatever it was she was very enthusiastic about what she had to say.


And then the penny dropped. She was saying “I’m Mrs Nesbitt” – from this iconic scene in Toy Story:

I’m Mrs Nesbitt!


You know your kids have watched a DVD A LOT when they are able to quote lines from it! So funny!


Needless to say, Little Miss is now referred to as “Mrs Nesbitt” at all tea parties (she refuses to answer to anything else!)

These are the sort of memories I want to hold on tight too!

What funny things have your kids done or said recently?


Monday, 28 October 2013

{Specsavers glasses} A review

Specsavers review 2

I have been a fan of Specsavers since Noah first got glasses and the helpful team at our local Specsavers store made what could have been a highly stressful situation, actually quite fun.

Recently I contacted Specsavers and asked if they’d like me (& Noah) to do a review of their awesome new LEGO range, they agreed and very generously offered me the chance to pick out a pair for myself as well! I picked out a pair from their designer Sun RX range – a pair of Country Road prescription sunglasses.Noah's lego glassesNoah LEGO glasses 2


Both Noah and I love his new LEGO glasses. He picked this green pair himself. The LEGO range is exclusive to Specsavers and all 8 designs in this collection feature bright colours and inspiration from the classic kid’s toy, LEGO.

I’ve never had a problem getting Noah to wear his glasses – this, is in part a testament to how much he needs them, but also to how both fun and comfortable Specsavers’  kids designs are. Noah’s favourite bit’s are the LEGO men on the nose rests (see above, far right) and the super cool glasses case. Personally, I’m very happy about the fact that they have SuperTough lenses, a state-of-the-art lens that is lightweight with full UV protection and a scratch resistant-coating.

The SuperTough lenses are made from a plastic material that was originally developed to be used in military application due to its very high impact resistance. The material is so tough, that Specsavers  guarantee to replace them if they break, crack or chip within 2 years of purchase. Great for a busy (and at times clumsy) 4 year old boy! Another awesome feature of these lenses is that they offer 100 per-cent UV protection and Noah loves to play outside a lot, so it’s great to know that he is getting protection from the harmful UV rays.

CR collage 2CR collage


I’m short sighted and ordinarily I don’t wear my glasses all the time – only when seeing into the distance clearly is important (eg when watching TV/ driving etc). However, I am a big sunglasses wearer. This was my first time using prescription sunglasses so I was very interested to see how they would go.

First of all, I had to choose a pair. Easier said than done! Specsavers’ offers more than 60 frames across its prescription designer sunglasses collection, and they’re all gorgeous; but in the end I settled on a Country Road pair. My pair are not currently on then Specsavers website – but they are similar to this pair or these ones.

I LOVE them! Their features include classic styling, tortoiseshell frames and polarised lenses. The benefits of having polarised lenses include:  They eliminate 99.9 per cent of glare by blocking reflection;  offer 100 per cent UV protection for your eyes; block light from getting into your eyes (no more squinting which means less wrinkles) – [At 31 this is probably something I should start thinking about, right! He he!] And, as an added bonus, the special material makes it easier to see into the water. Could this help with my fishing?

You can also take advantage of the benefits of polarised lenses because Specsavers is offering free polarising on all prescription sunglasses until 1st December 2013, just in time for Summer!

I’ve been wearing my new sunglasses A LOT, which has made realise that I probably didn’t wear my glasses enough before – it’s amazing how much more detail I see that without my prescription is just a bit of a blur. So it seems, thanks to Specsavers I can wear my prescription and designer sunglasses at the same time, thus have my cake* and eat it too (*or antipasto platter – see pic on left above… a delicious Labour day lunch!)


Thanks so much Specsavers, from  both Noah and myself!

Make sure you check out Specsavers (if you haven’t already)! As well as heaps of gorgeous styles – prices start from just $199 for two pairs (including designer prescription sunglasses). Never has the need for glasses been so fashionable and affordable!

Jenny x

[Although Specsavers generously provided me (and Noah) with 2 pairs of glasses for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. Prices and promotions mentioned in this post are specific to NZ and for specific promotion periods/ subject to change. For most up to date information and prices please check the Specsavers website or your local Specsavers store.]

Saturday, 26 October 2013

KCW Oct 2013: Days 5-6

Here’s my Kid's Clothes Week offering for days 5-6 undies for Isabelle. If you’d asked me a few years ago if I would ever sew undies for my kids I would have laughed in your face. But that was before I saw this kid's underwear pattern from That Darn Kat – how cute are those undies?

Oodles of Undies

Cuteness aside, there are a couple of other reasons for my decision to sew undies. We started toilet training Isabelle in earnest about 2 weeks before we went to Christchurch – she was going like a dream and then we had to travel down and there was a bit of a relapse. We had so many accidents on our return that Isabelle ran out of her own undies and had to use her brother’s!  Also, Isabelle is often a bit little for store bought undies, they usually gape at the legs – not so great for containing ‘certain’ accidents if you know what I mean!

Although the training is back on track now – I thought why not make it fun, with some ‘fun undies’? (I have to tell you, I was ‘this’ close to heading up this post “Fundies!” Count yourself lucky!)

But they really are such fun! (And most importantly, a hit with Isabelle who put a pair on straight away.)


That last pair is my favourite and reminds me somewhat of Abby's gorgeous handmade adult pair – quite possibly because we both used the same Liberty fabric!

As well as couple of small scraps of the Liberty knit fabric that I also used for the girl's leggings, most of the fabric I used was scraps of knit fabric from my stash including a repurposed tee and some left over owl fabric from a previous Spoonflower order.

The pattern is great and pretty easy, with one of the best things about it being that they are made using no elastic and therefore extremely comfy.

I also made a pair of training pants (the original reason I bought this pattern) – it’s not an idea suggested in the pattern, just something I saw on Pinterest (link and more to come in a future post, once I’ve made more and tested out their effectiveness). But essentially they have an extra patch made of 2 layers of absorbent microfibre (the stuff used for inserts in pocket nappies); covered by waterproof PUL (also used to make re-usable nappies). See what I mean below…

Training pants frontTraining pants back

I plan to use these when out and about and overnight as toilet training progresses.

I also have a bunch more undies cut out and ready to sew. Once you get making them, it’s a little addictive – coming up with the fabric combinations is the best part!

Ok that’s enough about undies for one day!

Joining in with the fun that is…



“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Pipi: Oh, those chubby chops (featuring Noah’s “paws” – as so named by Auntie Holly)

Isabelle: Watching strawberries grow at The Strawberry Patch

Noah: Loving riding the miniature trains at Keirunga Gardens

Apologies for my hand obstructed face! I’m waving, not doing the old “speak to the hand” – I promise! It’s a good photo of the kids just not of me!

We had a great morning at the Keirunga Railway today, the weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast … here’s a couple more pics of our time there…


Joining in over here

To see more of my weekly portraits go here.

Jenny x

P.S. I’ve been doing a lot of cutting out of fabric this afternoon and am planning on a sewing up a storm now while the hubs watches the rugby so hopefully I’ll have more KCW stuff to show you tomorrow

P.P.S … Fellow Kiwi’s have you entered my J'aime les Macarons giveaway yet?!?

Thursday, 24 October 2013

KCW Oct 2013: Day 3-4

Just trying to catch up on my KCW posts…

Camera Stamp Tee

I’ve put this down as days 3-4 but truthfully I chipped away at the girls' leggings and this tee simultaneously over the last 3 days. This is how I sew these days – in factory line mode. All the cutting out at once, sewing then finishing – it seems faster that way.

I got this cute little camera stamp from The Make Cafe when we were down in Christchurch (such great craft supplies and delicious food)! And I used my Versacraft fabric ink to apply the stamp. I can’t wait to do heaps more stamping projects.


Good old Noah hamming it up for the camera! As I mentioned in my last post, my two older kids are becoming increasingly difficult to photograph as they are always on the go and unfortunately I didn’t have any bribes on hand, so this is what I got!


The neckline looks a bit funny in these photos but that only because I hadn’t ironed it flat before taking these photos (lazy!)

The pattern I used is my go to raglan pattern - The Acadia Tee  as seen herehere, here, here and here – see I told you I’ve used it a lot!

For the fabric: the grey is from one of my Mum’s old tees (and I re-used the hem), the hexie fabric used on the arms is a jersey knit from and for the neckline/ edge of sleeves I used black rib knit.

It was a pretty quick sew and I’m happy with how it turned out. Noah seemed to like it but promptly covered it in avocado during dinner approximately 5 mins after these photos were taken!

KCW Oct 2013: Day 2

Liberty leggings

Have I been hanging out since having Pipi to dress Isabelle and her and in matching outfits? Um, yes! And how cute do they look?

I’m pretty sure that these little leggings justified cutting into my much prized Liberty of London knit fabric! (I got my fabric online from this store in the UK – which has great prices on lots of liberty fabric by the way, and the shipping is pretty reasonable.)

For the patterns; I self drafted Pipi’s pair and for Isabelle’s I used my old staple – the pattern from Growing up Sew Liberated. I’m still using the size 2 for my almost 3 year old as she still fits the old pairs I made her in this size and is just finishing up wearing bulky nappies, but I just lengthened it a bit by adding cuffs and a yoga style waist band (which was also partly mostly because I couldn’t find my waist elastic).


Oh I love those toes!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been going a bit slower this KCW, the sewing is going ok (apart from no time to sew on day 1) – but I’m finder it harder to get the photos and write the blog posts. 

I’ve also made a top for Noah (for day 3); I was going to add this is this post – a kind of day 2-3 combo, but it would have been photo overload! … Speaking of photos, my older 2 are proving more difficult to photograph … good thing they still look cute even when uncooperative! (See below!)


Joining in with …

and… Show and Tell, Made by Hand, and Make it wear it

Are you joining in? Whatcha making?

Jen x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

PIPI GRACE – 5 months

Pipi Grace 5 months

I can’t believe that Pipi is 5 months already! It’s cliché to say, but it honestly only feels like yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time. In fact, it wont be long until Pipi is 6 months as this update is 2 weeks overdue, due to the fact that we were away in Christchurch when she reached that milestone. Actually the day she turned 5 months (9/10/2013) was the day of my Gran’s funeral – which is nice I think as it will help me remember the date. She was angelic as always on that day, sleeping for most of the service in both mine and my Dad’s arms.

Pipi Grace 4 & 5 months

Probably the biggest change for Pipi in the last month has been how much she is now moving. She loves to roll all over the show and curls up her little toes and pushes against the ground while on her tummy, as if trying to crawl. I had a bit of difficulty taking the photos below because she kept rolling right off the quilt! Another big change for Pipi is that she has now officially (and finally) popped through a couple of teeth. I managed to photograph one when taking these photos on Monday and she has since popped through another. She has been dealing with it pretty well.

Pipi’s also caught a ferry and two aeroplanes in the last month, making her a bit of an intrepid traveller! And I honestly have to say that she was the easiest traveller of the lot … unlike Mr (tantrums of the tarmac) Noah!








To see the rest of the Pipi – month by month posts go here

… And for something completely unrelated – I have been participating in Kid's Clothes Week – but haven’t managed to take any good photos yet of the finished products. I hope to do a day 2 and 3 combined post at some stage tomorrow (day 1 was a bit of a write off.) But for now, here’s a sneak peek …


I’m finding it bit hard to keep up with the sewing this time around – but I’m not being too hard on myself, I do spend a large part of my day feeding this little girl …and these month by month posts remind me how much good it’s doing her. She’s grown from a newborn to 5 months just on my milk! She’ll be starting solids soon though! Fun times ahead!