Monday, 9 September 2013


It’s recently struck me that the 2.5 year age gap between Isabelle and Pipi is almost identical to that between me and my sister, Holly. Holly and I were two normal kids, we told on each other to Mum and Dad, and fought over toys (and later over clothes as teenagers); but we also had lots of awesome times too and had a really close bond.

Now, although we live in different cities I would say that we are closer than ever. Instead of tattle tales we now always have each other’s back and instead of fighting over clothes we now share. (Actually this last part is mainly just one sided, with me on the receiving end -  I’m not complaining!)

Holly being present at Pipi's birth was also a defining moment in our relationship and we bonded in a way that I don’t think either of us could foresee. It’s weird but we both found it really hard to say goodbye when she had to leave to go back to Wellington and it’s the same now sometimes when we say bye on the phone.

It’s a bit mushy to say it but I honestly believe that at that moment that Holly cut Pipi’s cord and ended her physical ties to me, it somehow strengthened our own sisterly bond.

Thinking about this, has made me take a look back through some of my childhood photos and I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you. (I’m the older one with either the boy’s haircut – thanks Mum; or long blonde hair.) …


Rocking the heart sunnies with one foot in a mudpie – I was one cool kid!


Aren’t our dresses cute? – also note how I’m rocking the socks and sandals look!


This was our ‘special trick’ on the monkey bars. We had a swimming pool at this childhood home in Christchurch and our clever Mum sewed our swimming togs.

One of my favourite pics from a camping holiday. I’m on the left, Holly’s on the right.

I really hope these two can share a similar sisterly friendship as they get older…









Love you Holly-kins!

Jen x


Suz said...

How gorgeous!! Love the one of you two on bikes! Sisters are so awesome! I am lucky to have three:))

Sophie Slim said...

So cute!!

I'm sure your girls will be besties! ;)

Your photos are such a lovely example of childhood nostalgia! x