Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Selfish Sewing (Days 2 & 3 snippets)

Continuing on my sewing for selfish sewing week, yesterday I spent a long time battling with the welt pockets on my sweet scalloped shorts. Mainly I was just battling to understand the instructions. I worked out how to do the welt but attaching the pocket bag had me stumped. I googled it and it seemed I was in good company, a bunch of other people had had the same problem. In the end I worked out a solution that works ok.


Because of the frustration that came from the welt pockets I really wanted a really simple and easy project to lift my mood. So, today, as well as plodding on with the shorts I made a simple knit maxi skirt using this awesome tutorial. It was terrible weather here today, perfect for being inside sewing – but not so great for photos! Oh well, I said I only going to post sneak peeks until the end of the week anyway…


And here’s my little sewing buddy who kept rolling onto and dribbling on my fabric…


Jen x

Joining in with Selfish Sewing Week organised by Rachael from Imagine Gnats and Jill from Made with Moxie.


Suz said...

That shorts pattern looks awesome. I think I have seen it on Cirque du bebe. I have never tried welt pockets but want to. Look forward to seeing them all made up!

Leonie said...

Oh exciting glimpses! cant wait to see them done :)

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Oh I can't wait for full photos. Looks great now!