Monday, 23 September 2013

Selfish Sewing (Day 1 & some inspiration)

Hello! Did you do any sewing for YOURSELF today?

Well, as I mentioned in this post I’m taking part in Selfish Sewing Week organised by Rachael from Imagine Gnats and Jill from Made with Moxie

So what have you sewed yourself today, you might ask? Well, uh … nothing (yet). BUT I have done a lot of preparing to sew.

I don’t know about you but I prepare to sew 1 of 2 ways. The first way I run around and do all the housework first so I don’t feel guilty about sewing (also it helps if you want to lay fabric/ patterns out to have a clean floor); or secondly, I say stuff the housework, I’m sewing!

Today was a scenario 1 kind of day (I had planned on doing this all in the weekend but sickness and visiting family meant that didn’t happen.) This is how my day played out:

  • Watch America’s Cup races while nervously and speedily folding the washing (I tell you, it saved my nails a bit too, keeping my hands busy like that! Go Team NZ!)
  • Get a casserole bubbling away in the slow cooker that will last at 2 nights (freeing me up to SEW!)
  • Dishes, vacuum etc

Then I  pre-washed,  and cut out these sweet scalloped shorts 


I’m happy taking things slow because I’m really trying to do things properly;  and it seems to be my natural tendency to sometimes rush projects just to get them finished quickly.

I plan to do a few sneaky peeks during the week, and then fill you in with what I’ve made with a big reveal at the end… Just to be a bit elusive (and also by my grown up photo taker is away working for most of the week.)

So for now, here is a bit more selfish sewing inspiration that I’ve just stumbled upon via Pinterest/ other blogs etc in the last couple of days – unfortunately I don’t all the fabric at hand to make these things, but trust me I’ll be trying them soon enough!

I just found Nette's version of the Blair batwing shirt and I LOVE it. The polka dots are perfect. (Probably a post selfish sewing week project for me though.)

I just discovered this one today, via Imagine Gnats; an Etsy tutorial on how to design and sew your own leggings – AWESOME! (Again this is not something I’ll make this week though – need to buy some cotton, lycra blend fabric first.)

Free 'Kimono cool' tutorial from Elle Apparel – isn’t it (and she) gorgeous?

What have you been sewing/ getting inspired by recently?

Jen x


Anonymous said...

Ooooo YAY!! I cant wait to see your progree and at the end of the week all your makings!! x

Leonie said...

Looking forward to seeing your makings! I'm doing mostly kiddy things and getting inspired on whole different fronts :)