Friday, 20 September 2013

‘Round here

It seems I’ve been doing so many craft and review posts that I’ve hardly had a chance to say “Hello!”

Don’t get me wrong I love showing you what I’ve been making and sharing cool products with you but I know the real reason you read my blog is to listen to me and ramble on about all the mundane details of my life, right?  So I thought it was about time I filled you in on the haps around here:

In bullets (as inspired by Stella and Ange):

  • It’s been a bit of a sick house round here. For the last 2 weeks my husband’s had the man flu and had it bad! And for most of this week Noah and Isabelle have had conjunctivitis. This has made me realise 2 things – 1) How grateful I am that I had the flu jab while pregnant with Pipi (giving the both of us immunity); 2) That it is extremely difficult to get eye drops in little kids’ eyes.
  • We’re in the throws of toilet training (Isabelle that is) – she showed some consistent early success, but there’s been more misses than hits these last couple of days (perhaps this is due to being a bit unwell.)
  • Noah wrote his own name – well it was more of a ‘Noab’ – see photo below. I painted each letter with water and a paint brush and he traced it with chalk, but it really boosted his confidence.
  • My 3 favourite TV programs at the moment are: Call the Midwife, America’s Cup footage and the Block NZ – not necessarily in that order. Such a weird collection of shows.
  • We saw our Plunket nurse the other day and she remarked at how strong Pipi is – she’s forever trying to pull herself up into sitting position. I know they always say these sort of things to encourage Mums, but my heart swelled with pride.
  • I can’t stop making and eating this stuff – I think my ‘food baby’ will start ‘showing’ soon.
  • My in-laws, Mum and her husband and Dad and my step Mum all pitched in and bought our kids a super duper awesome trampoline for Christmas, taking advantage of a great special. It arrived in boxes today and is safely hidden in the garage. Now to keep it that way ‘til Christmas.
  • Stella has a really awesome giveaway on her blog at the moment – go check it out! Although I realllly want to win!

And now for some photos by Noah. (He runs off with my camera any chance he gets!) …


What is happening at your house?



kate said...

I have missed your beautiful face lately... hope everything turns back up the right way soon. Let me know if you need ANYTHING xx

Leonie said...

Lots happening! Hope everyone is tip top soon and be a proud mama, it's definitely a perk of being a mama of awesome kiddos :)