Monday, 9 September 2013

PIPI GRACE – 4 months

Pipi Grace 4 months

Little Pipi Grace (‘such a pretty face’*) is 4 months old today.

(*This tagline is one of her many nicknames I give her – along with ‘Pipsqueak’, ‘Little Pip’, ‘Pipsicle’ (like Popsicle) and ‘Pip-inator’ – I’m actually not too sure of the correct spelling on that last one – basically it just rhymes with ‘Terminator.’)

I can’t believe she’s 4 months already! Is it just me or do those last couple of weeks of your pregnancy just drag, while the first few months of your baby’s life race along. Here’s Pipi’s growth over the last 4 months:

This month Pipi’s still been teething away, as evidenced by most of the photos below. She’s also been cooing and smiling away (as her Dad says- when she smiles her whole face smiles.) She’s getting more interested in her toys, including playing with her baby gym and jolly jumper and she’s a lot more active all round, rolling both ways now – go Pipi!

There are little bits of blonde hair growing through (believe it or not!) I think she’s going to be fair – Noah started out dark and Pipi has lighter eyebrows than Isabelle – so that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it (for now anyway.)


OK Mum enough photos now I’m starting to get a bit tired (*puts thumb in mouth*) …


Did I mention that she’s a great wee sleeper? (I never was able to put Noah down awake and expect him to self settle! Thanks Pip!)

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thingsforboys said...

Gorgeous! She's growing so quickly. Gotta love a self settler! Ted is one too and I'm so very thankful after feeding Roman to sleep for 10 months.

cassandra said...

She's so sweet Jen. I think i need to start doing growth shots like this too on my raggy quilt. They look great all together like that. xo

Roslyn said...

She is so lovely! And yay for her being a great sleeper! xx

Leonie said...

So sweet and gorgeous! yay for great sleepers! we still call our littlest a "terminator" or variations of it :)