Tuesday, 3 September 2013

LEGO® Friends Olivia's Beach Buggy Review

Recently, we were very excited to be selected to review the LEGO® Friends Olivia's Beach Buggy set via Mums on Top. And when I say ‘we’ you know I really mean Noah and Isabelle … but there’s nothing wrong with a grown woman being a bit excited about a toy, is there? I’m sure you, like me have heaps of great childhood memories involving LEGO? Pouring all those pieces out on the floor, squabbling over your favourite bits, playing for hours and begging Mum and Dad to keep your latest ‘creation’ out on display…you know what I mean?
Noah and Isabelle already love DUPLO (as evidenced here), so I knew they would love LEGO even more. Especially Noah with his creative need to build and create (something he gets from his architect father!) And I was not wrong!
 The LEGO® Friends Olivia's Beach Buggy set that we received includes: 
  • Olivia mini-doll figure
  • Purple Beach Buggy with a wrench and real rubber tires
  • Accessories including a surfboard, coconut tree and a beach stand with an ice block and fruit (pineapple, lime, orange and banana)
There is so much to love about LEGO and so many reasons why it has stayed such an iconic and popular toy for so long. Here are a few of my observations from watching Noah and Isabelle at play:
  • The step by step instructions help to build confidence. It’s so easy for kids their age to want to be independent but get frustrated when they can’t achieve what they set their mind to. When we first opened the box I showed Noah how the instructions worked, and kept pointing to the pictures. “How many leaves do you need?” I’d ask. “Three” he’d say. It was great seeing him learn that by following simple step-by-step instructions he could make something pretty complicated and impressive. It’s such a great skill to learn as well – it’s useful when cooking, following a sewing pattern and in life in general. I just loved seeing his face when he finished, the sense of accomplishment shining through.
  • As well as teaching kids to follow logical step-by-step instructions, LEGO also fosters great creativity too. There are so many ways a set such as this can be played with. In fact Isabelle taught me that if you if you attach palm leaves to a surf board they become ‘wings’ and it can fly! I didn’t think of that myself!
  • The LEGO set held both Noah and Isabelle’s attention for a really long time. I enjoyed showing Noah how to build following the instructions and playing with him a bit to begin with but he played quite happily independently (and then Isabelle joined him too when she woke up from her nap), with minimal arguments I might add!
And even after we’d packed it away for another day the fun doesn’t have to end there, LEGO Friends also has a great website with lots of extra games and activities for kids here.
Do your kid’s love LEGO? What’s your favourite childhood LEGO memory?
Thanks so much LEGO and Mums on Top for giving us the review opportunity!
Jenny (& Noah and Isabelle)


Leonie said...

Lego is awesome for so many reasons! - the older two girls have moved on to lego from Duplo but little sis is going great on it!

Heather said...

Unfortunately, I have no childhood memories of lego. Little does my daughter know that I play with her toy story set when shes at kindy :) Great post, love the photos and thanks for the links!

Nin said...

Oh I wish they had given you some to give away! My daughter is obsessed with the lego friends set they have at daycare and she has mounted a sustained campaign for lego for Christmas for some months! I think its a wonderful toy because it both fosters confidence, creativity (you don't have to follow the rules if you don't want to) and role play - my girl's favourite thing!