Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DIY Baby Gym

DIY baby gym

[First up, a big fat disclaimer: I did not in fact really ‘do this myself’, basically I just marked the measurements and passed the screws and observed my Step Dad, Tony make it – thanks Tony! ]

You might remember that this baby gym was in my baby room inspiration post. I really like the natural/ simpleness of it and how you can add colour by adding your own toys.

If you’d like to make your own just follow this simple tutorial. (Or you could just be like me and convince someone else to make one for you!)

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find oval or round rosettes like they used on the ends in the tutorial, but we made do instead with small rectangle pieces of wood.

Pipi sure loves it – she coos, smiles, bats her toys and flaps her arms around.


… and then exhausted from all the stimulation and exercise … she promptly fell asleep!


Cuteness personified.

And while I’m overloading you with cuteness, here’s another way Pipi’s been having a bit of fun these last few days … bouncing in the good old jolly jumper…


And when I say ‘bouncing’ I really mean trying to eat it and doing a few twirls … and in the picture on the right she’s smiling at her Dadda (such a Daddy’s girl!)

Jenny x

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becclebee said...

what a lovely idea! and what a cutie!

Lauren- SAHM I am said...

Aww, how precious that she fell asleep!

Leonie said...

Great idea! though I struggle to do anything other than look at the gorgeous photos!