Monday, 2 September 2013

Coming up…

It feels like things are getting a little busy here on this little ol’ blog of mine. I’ve had a few opportunities open up through blogging recently that I never would have imagined when I first started out. This has been awesome but it’s meant that I’ve had to more and adhere to more of a blogging schedule (rather than my normal practice of flying by the seat of my pants.)

It’s also meant that my blog has in somewhat turned into almost a little bit of a job/ another child, in that it is something else that demands my attention. But in a fun, hobby kind of way; not in a tedious one. However I’ve decided to make a few changes in order to a) keep my blog/ life balance (not a phrase I’d ever thought I’d say!) and b) to ensure that this blog doesn’t become dry and mechanical (not fun for either me or you!)

Here are some of the changes/ what you can expect more of from this blog in bullets (because that’s all my brain can cope with right at this moment):

  • You can expect to see  a semi-regular feature called ‘Kid's Crafts - I’ve realised I really like crafting/ baking with my kids – sure this can take a bit longer but it is worth it to see the joy and sense of accomplishment in their eyes. Also this way I get to do fun activities while at the same time getting some blog fodder (win, win).

While we’re on the topic of Kid's Crafts make sure you tune in tomorrow as I will be sharing with you a very easy tutorial of how to make easy peasy daffodils as part of the Spring has Sprung Blog Tour – exciting!


  • ‘#Trending’ is another semi-regular feature that I am hoping to introduce on the blog. Essentially it will be a round-up of a particular trend or theme that I am enjoying and want to share with you. In some ways it will be similar to some of my previous ‘inspiration’ posts – such as this post and this one. See what I did with that hashtag? Gotta keep up with the cool kid’s somehow (although after a couple of months on Twitter I still don’t really understand them! Hashtags, not the kids, that is!)
  • The review posts and giveaways are set to continue. I am really enjoying working with all these amazing companies and often ‘Mumtrepeneurs’ out there. I hope you are enjoying the NZ Kid's Clothing Review Series? This is still continuing. Don’t forget to enter the Rabbit Clothing Giveaway and also keep your eyes peeled for a Merino Kids review later this week, plus much more in the pipeline …


Speaking of reviews I will also be posting a LEGO review scheduled for Wednesday, an opportunity made possible via Mums on Top and I’ve been interviewed as one of their ‘Real Live Mum’s’ due to go live on their page later this week.

  • Sewing and craft post are set to continue –  if you hate them, I’m sorry! Sewing is my kryptonite!
  • Likewise the photos of the cute kids. They just can’t help being that cute, and I just can’t help photographing them and sharing them with the world. Literally, I can’t help it – it’s a sickness. (Also I have to, since I’m joining in with the 52 project and all – such a great excuse.)


[as if I needed to prove my point…]

  • Random ramblings  - while the above may seem a bit structured and organised I can assure you that spontaneous ‘fly by the seat my pants’ posts will continue as the mood takes me – because that’s who I am: equal parts organised and messy, logical and creative, perfectionist and haphazard, left brained and right brained, ok?

Reading this, it really sounds like a one sided conversation, me talking at you. So please tell me what YOU would like to see more of on this blog?

And for now I am over and out (can you tell I wrote this at 11 o’clock at night?)



Miriam said...

Hi Jenny, sounds exciting. I'd love you to link in your crafting with kids posts to BMWB as and when you feel the urge :o) keep up the great work x

Nin said...

Phew - wowsies, it sounds like lots of work, but if it works for you - then go for it. I like being inspired by/looking at your latest crafty projects and I like your general ramblings type posts too.

Leonie said...

all these sound great! Love your posts, looking forward to seeing the new features x